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12 May 2017

Thank you and an invitation

From our Founder and CEO

The recent SBS documentary series, Testing Teachers, followed the stories of six brave Teach For Australia Associates and their remarkable students across three extraordinary schools.

Now that the series has gone to air, we would like express our sincere thanks and share with you one final invitation.

To the teachers

Kitty, Stephanie, Will, Emmanuel, Sasha and Fiona. Teaching is a rewarding, if demanding, undertaking and the first years are especially challenging. Only a brave and committed individual would add to that mix a bulky camera crew following you around!

Each of you demonstrated your resilience, not to mention your commitment, imagination, thoughtfulness and contagious enthusiasm.

We could not be prouder of what you have achieved so far and look forward to hearing more exciting stories of your students’ successes into the future (sans camera crew, of course!). You are six of the 549 Associates that we have placed over the last eight years. On behalf of your Associate colleagues and teacher colleagues nation-wide, thank you for humbly sharing your stories as but six of thousands of individual and unique stories, all committed to tackling educational disadvantage.

To the schools

Melton Secondary College, Southern River College and Tennant Creek High School.

Your strong leadership and school-wide commitment to making a difference in each of your unique contexts was evident throughout the series.

We are so grateful to your students, staff, leadership and wider school community for graciously opening your doors so that the nation could better understand the exceptional communities you serve, and the amazing work you do in service of these communities, making a difference to the lives of young people every day. In particular, thank you to the exceptional in-school mentors and colleagues within your school who directly supported the Associates.

To the students

Year 7 Science, Year 8 Maths, Year 8 Drama and more. All of our children, regardless of background, deserve an excellent education. And all children can learn.

The students who we met showed that in spite of a backdrop of challenges, you can change your orientation to learning so that your true potential can shine through.

You can work hard and get that B to make your pop proud! You can believe in yourself and draw a 60 degree angle by eye! You can step out of your comfort zone to deliver a monologue in front of your peers!  Your resilience is your biggest asset and it has deeply inspired and motivated us. Thank you.

To the viewers

The hundreds of thousands across Australia, thank you for watching. Any attempt at documenting the complexity of educational disadvantage and the efforts of teachers and schools to address it could only ever be a snapshot. The depth and breadth of the lived challenges and the living hope was necessarily limited by the time slot available.

Nonetheless, we sincerely hope that in the time available you were able to see and have a more nuanced view of education in Australia.

That you discussed it with your colleagues, friends and families. That it reignited your belief in the power of education and the passion of teachers and ultimately in the power of young people, regardless of background, to achieve.

Every day, people dedicate their lives to confront educational disadvantage. Still, too many children do not have the opportunity to reach their potential. We can each play a role.

So, we invite you, the Australian public, to take action: