Associate Development

Teach For Australia maximises the potential of Associates through
pedagogical and leadership development.

As Associates are employed as teachers fully responsible for their classes (as opposed to student teachers), measures are put into place to ensure that they are well prepared before entering the classroom.

Associates must demonstrate that they have reached, at a minimum, the Graduate Standard under the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers by the end of the first year of the program and the Proficient Standard by the end of their second year.

One of the key objectives of the Teach For Australia program is to help prepare Associates to take on leadership roles within their schools.


Master of Teaching

Throughout the two year program, Associates study towards a Master of Teaching (Secondary) delivered by our partner university, Deakin University, specifically designed for teaching in diverse educational contexts.

Online Learning Module

In October and November prior to the beginning of the school year, Associates undertake an online learning module, which includes readings, activities and at least one school visit. Approximately ten hours of study per week is required.

The Initial Intensive

Towards the end of November, Associates begin the Initial Intensive during which approximately 25 per cent of the Master of Teaching (Secondary) is completed.

The Initial intensive is a 13-week blended learning program that combines online learning (beginning with the above) with national residential and regional intensive programming.

Subsequent Intensive Programs

Three subsequent intensive programs take place during the course of the two year program:

  • Mid-first year of the program (winter school holidays).
  • End of the first year of the program (summer school holidays).
  • Mid-second year of the program (winter school holidays).

Ongoing Study

Study towards the Master of Teaching (Secondary) continues throughout the two year program, while Associates teach.

The program is evidenced based in its nature, focusing extensively on linking theory with practise. This is reflected in the professional practise units of study, which extend across the two year program and ultimately result in Associates meeting the registration requirements aligned to the National Professional Standards of teaching.

Leadership Development Program

Teach For Australia’s Leadership Development Program is designed and delivered alongside the Master of Teaching so that its components compliment and integrate with the Associates’ experiences as they pursue the degree.