Associate Development

Teach For Australia maximises the potential of Associates through
pedagogical and leadership development.


Teach For Australia’s award-winning Leadership Development Program develops highly effective teachers and leaders, building their knowledge, skills and mindsets to ensure that they have a positive impact on students and schools and make a lifelong commitment to breaking the cycle of disadvantage.


Leadership Development

Teach For Australia delivers executive-style intensive programs, online learning, bespoke professional development sessions and ongoing peer and expert coaching and feedback.

Leadership development activities are designed to build the knowledge, skills and mindsets underpinned by the teaching and leadership principals. Leadership development activities also complement the Master of Teaching (secondary) coursework and accelerate Associates’ progression against the Australian Professional Standards of Teachers.

The design and delivery of leadership development activities are responsive to the needs of Associates, government requirements and information as it updates on best practice in education.

Throughout the program, there is increasing choice at each intensive program and Associates are able to shape their learning to meet their individual strengths, challenges and context.

Master of Teaching (Secondary)

 The Master of Teaching (Secondary) is delivered by Deakin University.

Alongside core education studies, Associates complete two Secondary Curriculum Studies from English, Teaching English to Speakers if other Languages, Languages other than English, Drama, Dance, Media, Visual Arts, Music, Humanities, Business and Economics, Geography, History, Mathematics, Health, Physics, Biology, Psychology, Chemistry, Science and Environmental Science.


Initial Intensive: October – January

By the end of the Initial Intensive, Associates have developed the core skills, knowledge and mindsets that they need to work as teachers in schools serving low socioeconomic communities across Australia.

  • Self-paced over seven weeks, Associates complete approximately 30 hours of online learning modules.
  • Associates complete a six-to-seven week residential program from late November to mid-January, completing 10 to 12 hours of face to face and self-directed learning per day.
  • Deakin University provides Associates with a two-week school practicum placement, grounding their learning from the Initial Intensive and preparing them for their teaching experience.
  • Over 13 weeks Associates complete 25 per cent of the Deakin University Master of Teaching (Secondary).

First year: January – December

By the end of the first year, Associates are able to demonstrate the Australia Professional Standards for Teachers at Graduate level.

  • Associates commence teaching at their Teach For Australia partner school and continue to study towards their Master of Teaching (Secondary).
  • Regional professional development sessions are held throughout the school year and are tailored to the needs of each region and cohort to support regional and national collective impact projects.
  • Associates reconnect at Mid-Year Intensive in semester break to continue developing the fundamental techniques of teaching practice, managing personal wellbeing and culturally inclusive classrooms.

Second year: January – December

On completion of the Leadership Development Program, Associates are able to demonstrate the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers at Proficient level.

  • Inter-cohort Intensive takes place during the summer at the end of first year, allowing Associates to share experiences and resources to fully prepare them for the next school year.
  • Throughout second year, Associates continue teaching at their Teach For Australia partner school and complete the remaining study units for their Master of Teaching (Secondary).
  • Associates reconnect again at Mid-Year Intensive to continue developing the skills, knowledge and mindsets they need to be effective teachers.
  • Regional professional development sessions are again delivered throughout the year.
  • Associates begin to identify and develop change strategies within their content and building their effectiveness as leaders beyond the classroom.