Sharing the joy of Maths with students: Christiana’s story

Christiana Lees (Cohort 2018) is one of Teach For Australia’s newest Associates. She joined the program at the beginning of this year and finds herself teaching her passion – Mathematics – to students at Taminmin College in Darwin. Although Christiana didn’t necessarily come from an academically-driven background, it was the support and drive from her teachers that initially encouraged her to continue her studies and ultimately what made her become the teacher she is today:

I studied Global Challenges with Honours at Monash, with a major in Applied Mathematics. As I approached graduation, I considered management consulting and investment banking, but I applied for Teach For Australia because I recognised the value in the opportunities my education provided, and the great teachers I was lucky to have, and wanted to pass that on. I also love Maths, and really enjoy teaching it, and trying to inspire students to engage with it too.

I remember my teacher in Year 5 who first spoke to my parents encouraging them to apply for an academic scholarships for high school, a science teacher in Year 7 who supported me when I was having a hard time adjusting to high school. I especially remember the teachers who would make time for us to come and ask for help.

As an Associate with TFA, I have as much support as I could hope for. I have a great school mentor that I can go to at any time, and my TLA is also awesome and very approachable, and gives great feedback.

I love the number of problems I get to solve every day. No matter how tough a day was, at the end of it I am always excited to try a new solution or do something a bit different to see what works better for my classes.  I think I have been really lucky to be teaching Maths – which is where my expertise is in and what I love discussing.

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