School leadership

Building a pipeline of leaders in schools

Teach For Australia is creating a pipeline of highly effective teachers and leaders for communities of high need.

The experience of teaching in low socioeconomic communities ingrains in Associates a lifetime commitment to address educational disadvantage. Teach For Australia enables the network of Alumni to continue to collaborate to effect change.

 After just eight years, this leadership is emerging strongly.

“My two years as an Associate gave me the experience and skills needed to take that next step in my career within education. It’s thanks to the support, leadership development an coaching from Teach For Australia that in just my third year of teaching I was able to take on a Lead Teacher role in the Northern Territory.

I strongly believe that education is one of the most powerful tools we have to fight inequality in Australia. Teach For Australia instilled in me a passion to be working on the front line of disadvantage.”

– Ashley Duggan, Cohort 2013 Associate, Lead Teacher for the Faculty of English and Humanities, Katherine High School, Northern Territory


As of 2017, 65 per cent of Alumni remain in teaching, with over half in school leadership roles, including one principal, one campus principal, two acting principals and one acting assistant principal.

Of those not currently teaching, 78 per cent of Alumni plan to return to teaching throughout their career.

With almost three-quarters of principals nearing retirement, Teach For Australia can be a key source of future school leadership. (ACER 2014)

“Teach For Australia challenged me to take seriously the social impact that schools and educators have the power to make. As a result, I am driven, challenged and supported by an ongoing community to make as much of a difference as possible in each individual to ensure that they have the best possible future of their choosing.”

– Michael Briggs-Miller, Cohort 2010 Associate, Principal, Warracknabeal Secondary College, Victoria

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