I don’t think I really could have done anything as beneficial as Teach For Australia.

Once you become an Associate you’ll always be part of the Teach For Australia family. We’re all working for the same purpose – to provide better educational opportunities for kids who would otherwise be missing out

To be Head of Science was a career move that I wanted in five years and to have it after one was phenomenal. I feel very privileged to be able to have that position

Teach For Australia is the best pathway you could take out of university. You’ll experience significant personal development while working towards an issue that is pivotal to our country’s success

Teach For Australia put me on a completely different path. It completely changed my trajectory and because of that it changed who I’ve become

Education is an incredibly powerful tool and the most effective way of really having broad social impact.

The solution to closing the gap in education fundamentally comes down to teaching and learning

We’re all working towards a common goal, which is to improve education for all Australians.

In order to actually have the stronger country that we aspire to, we need to ensure that everyone has the same chance to succeed.

There is a massive shortage of specialised maths and science teachers in the schools and regions that Teach For Australia places in.

The leadership component of Teach For Australia is a massive strength. It’s the reason I’m in a position to take on a leading teacher role, after only three years in the classroom