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Applications for Cohort 2019 open in February.

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Please note: Applications for Cohort 2018 are now closed.



Starting an online application is the first step in the application process. You can start an application by completing just one page of contact details and information, before saving and continuing to work on your responses over a period of time.

Starting an application also allows a Recruitment and Advocacy Manager to get in touch with you to offer their support and answer any questions before you submit your application. Email to discuss your eligibility. We’d love to get to know you!

Stage 1: Online application

Cohort 2017 application deadlines:

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Stage 2: Phone interview

During the phone interview, you’ll chat to a Teach For Australia representative for approximately 30 minutes about your application. This will allow us further opportunity to better understand your experiences and motivations for applying.

Stage 3: Online cognitive assessments and Selection Day

If your phone interview is successful, you’ll progress to this final stage. You will be invited via email to complete verbal and numerical reasoning assessments (15 and 20 minutes respectively, and completed online), before attending a selection day.

The selection day is a full day of assessment activities, ranging from one-on-one interviews to a group activity and a sample teaching lesson.

Tori Simson
Acceptance to Teach For Australia

If you are successful, the process of matching you to an eligible placement school and assessment of your learning areas will begin.

The matching and placement process takes into account the subjects that you’re eligible to teach, the flexibility of your placement preferences and the needs of our school partners.


Teach For Australia works in regions and communities where Associates can have the most impact. For many Associates, school placement requires relocation. For each of our placement states and territories, successful candidates are able to preference: Metropolitan; Regional; and/or Remote.

Speak with the Recruitment and Advocacy Manager in your state about what this could mean for you, and how we work closely with Associates during placement. Throughout the matching process, we’ll work with you to find the best fit for your skills and talents.

At present, Teach For Australia places Associates in schools in the Australian Capital Territory, the Northern Territory, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia but our network is growing. To be eligible, you must be able to be placed with a partner school anywhere in at least one of these regions.

Initial Intensive

Initial Intensive begins November 17 the year before you are placed. Associates from all rounds begin the Intensive at the same time.

Application Troubleshooting Tips
  1. You should receive a confirmation email when you start an application. If you don’t, please check your spam/junk folder for this email.
  2. If you experience difficulty moving from page 1 to page 2, or any other pages in the application: close the browser, clear your cache and browser history, reopen the application using the unique link you were sent when you started the application.
  3. Contact the recruitment team for any further concerns:

Teach For Australia is the best pathway you could take out of university. You’ll experience significant personal development while working towards an issue that is pivotal to our country’s success.

Saul Wakerman, Cohort 2011 Associate