Adam Inder’s Story

May 4, 2016 4:25 pm

Adam Inter, TFA Associate, Teacher

Adam Inder is in his second year as an Associate at Balga Secondary College. 

I decided to pursue Engineering Science at UWA as my primary major in the BSc. In 2011, I joined The Chemical and Process Engineering Club. Until my graduation at the end of 2013, I played a variety of roles, which included Publicist, Secretary, and Treasurer. My biggest achievement in the club was having a major role in organising the 2013 Joint Networking Evening alongside The Society of Petroleum Engineers.

During Uni, I had a mentor who was very high-up in Chevron. The drawcard that led him into being a Process Engineer was the huge pay. On the other hand, he worked strange hours, and he didn’t get much time with his family. It seemed like the only positive was the money, and that disheartened me. I found myself doing a lot of tutoring while I was studying, and I really enjoyed being able to help students, and build relationships with them in the process. This made the prospect of doing this on a larger scale very appealing.

“When I started teaching, I expected to be some sort of academic wizard.”

Being a Teach For Australia Associate has been ridiculously hectic, but the journey has been amazing. I have met some great contacts and made some amazing friends. Teach for Australia has given me so many opportunities. When I started teaching, I expected to be some sort of academic wizard that would solve all the students’ problems by helping them figure out that maths question that was bothering them. In reality, the relationships I have built with all of my students are absolutely priceless. One of the most challenging things is coming to terms with the fact that you can always do more as a teacher, but you have to draw the line somewhere. My perfectionist brain often struggles to comprehend that.

The greatest impact I have made are all of the times where you convince students that you sincerely and wholehearted care about them and want them to do well. Many students at my school don’t get that at home, so the way they respond when they know you care is amazing. I am inspired by many of my students. Refugee backgrounds, trauma, and broken families are not uncommon amongst my students – the fact that they come to school is a huge win in itself. I definitely see myself staying the realm of education for the foreseeable future. I am very passionate about improving the education system through policy changes. There are a lot of inefficiencies, and I would love to come up with ideas to help improve them.

Chemical and process engineering is focused on the full, big picture process (hence the name). We find something in the ground, and we have to put it through a series of steps to get it to come out to be the way we want it. The more we improve the efficiency of our steps, the better quality our outcome is, and the more efficient the journey is to get it from Point A to Point B.

With that in mind – what do you believe is more challenging and fulfilling: designing and using a process to change inanimate resources, or designing and using a process to change lives?

I already know my answer.

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