Meet the Recruiters: Tim Friel

February 7, 2017 9:17 am

Welcome our multi-part series, introducing you to the Teach For Australia Recruitment and Advocacy team.

All of our recruiters are more than happy to chat to you about your ambitions, ideas and plans. To find out more about Teach For Australia’s award-winning Leadership Development Program, don’t hesitate to reach out to the recruiter who sounds like the best match for you!

Introducing Tim Friel, ACT Recruitment Manager, in his own words:

Hi I’m Tim and I’m the Recruitment and Advocacy Manager for the ACT. I was lucky enough to complete my schooling in Canberra and then a Bachelor of Science at The Australian National University in Theoretical Physics and have a strong passion for Science Communication. I would love to chat to anyone who has an interest in finding out how to share their knowledge and passion with kids in schools.

 Why do you think this work is so important?

Engaging audiences with fascinating Science phenomena has provided me with fantastic opportunities to connect with a broad spectrum of people, including a number of children from low income households. I have witnessed the negative impact that disadvantage can have on our kids, but have also experienced the joys which inspiring teachers can bring into the lives of Australian children. Being able to create more of these moments drives my engagement with this social movement.

By bringing people together who have had similar experiences, and who are passionate about working for change in the education sector, I feel that this work can have a larger impact than being out in the world on my own.

 What is your top tip for people interested in applying to Teach For Australia?

Be yourself! Your motivations and passions will be your driving force as a teacher and help make your impact as great as it can be. Do not be afraid to speak freely about your experiences and how they shape your reasoning for applying.

How can people get in touch?

If you’re in the ACT and would love to chat about applying for our program, please send me an email and we can arrange to have a coffee or chat over the phone. I cannot wait to hear about your experiences and help you with your Teach For Australia journey.
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