Why should you #TeachForWA?

July 7, 2016 1:38 pm

In 2015, Teach For Australia began placing Associates in the great state of Western Australia – and there are now over 30 members of Cohort 2016 teaching across Perth and Kalgoorlie.

We caught up with them in July to find out how their first six months of teaching have been, and why they think you should join them.

MK Singh, teaching in Perth


“I told you when I had my interviews that teaching was my dream, and I still think that now. I’m living my dream every single day.

I set up a Facebook group for my science students to help them learn and they’re so dedicated. They’ll do the exercises and take a photo of them and send them through to me and I’ll be in bed trying to sleep but I just have to reply to them as soon as possible.

It’s the school holidays now and everyone else was so excited to get a break, but I could have just had the weekend and gone back. I miss my kids already.”

Amy Blitvich, teaching in Perth


“I chose to stay in Western Australia for my placement because I have lived here all of my life. I feel very strongly that the West often goes without and needs all the help and support it can get. I feel a strong sense of community in the northern suburbs of Perth, so to get a position at Balcatta Senior High School felt serendipitous.

The biggest words of advice I can give to future Associates is to try and come with an open mind. Don’t have preconceived ideas about the community you are entering, even if you are from there or think you know.

There are many layers to a school community and the only way to fully understand it is to immerse yourself in it.”

Patrick Elliot, teaching in Kalgoorlie


“I love teaching in Kalgoorlie because everything I do is part of the school: the school and the community are so intertwined.

I moved to Kalgoorlie after seven years in Melbourne for university, but I grew up in rural Victoria so I wanted to return to a rural setting. I don’t think I would ever move back to a city after my experience here because in a community like this, everything I do is contributing to the community.”

Steph Ludekens, teaching in Perth


“I left a fly in, fly out job before I started teaching and despite all the exciting things I got to do in mining, I find every day as a teacher so much more challenging and rewarding.

By far the best part of teaching is the fact that you get the privilege of getting to know a diverse group of young people, and being part of their growth.”

Clare Woulfe, teaching in Perth


“Every day I wake up knowing that I will connect with over 100 people and offer them unique opportunities to learn about themselves and the world.

Every second is busy, fulfilling, demanding and hilarious.”

Have our WA Associates made you want to join the team?

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