FAQs when applying for Teach For Australia

February 28, 2017 3:00 pm

At Teach For Australia, we find that there are often a number of frequently asked questions which keep you (a brilliant potential candidate) from hitting our “submit” button on your application.

So with that in mind, let this be the guide to end all queries! In this post, you can find:


How do you apply?

It’s an online application; once you start and submit the first section of questions you will be sent a link that will allow you to access the application until submission to keep working on.

This way you can work your way through and see how long and what information you might need to gather before completing it.

When is the application deadline?

Round 1: April 2nd

Round 2: June 25th

Round 3: August 20th

We will have three rounds through the year, the deadlines are on the website also: www.teachforaustralia.org/passiton

The application is open between rounds and does not close until August 20th.

We recruit on a first-come-first-served basis. Because placements in certain subject areas are limited, we encourage all candidates to apply before the first deadline as we expect that some subject areas (e.g. Humanities, Business Studies) will be filled in the first round of recruitment and we will no longer accept applications from these subject areas.

Who can apply for Teach For Australia?

If you take a look at our eligibility and selection criteria, you will find most of the information you might need regarding whether or not you are eligible to apply.

Citizenship and Permanent Residency

To apply to Teach For Australia, you must be an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident (holder of PR). You cannot apply if you are waiting for your PR to be approved: at the time of application, you must be a current Permanent Resident.

Please note, if you are a New Zealand citizen, you must also be an Australian citizen or Permanent Resident of Australia in order to be eligible. New Zealand citizenship does not make you eligible for our program.

I am a registered teacher (in another state), can I apply?

Unfortunately not. While our head office is based in Victoria, we work nationally and place Associates (teachers) across Australia. As you are a registered/qualified teacher you’re ineligible.

Why? Our program works to develop outstanding individuals into qualified teachers – something you already are, you legend!

I am looking for teaching jobs in Australia. Can you get me a job?

Unfortunately, we cannot support you in your hunt for an Australian teaching job. While we only place our Associates in true teacher vacancies, our school partnerships are very specific to the needs of our program. We do not generically recruit or hire on behalf of schools within Australia so cannot find you an available teaching position in Australia. We’re sorry about that.

I only have a term/semester/one year’s worth of a teaching qualification, can I apply?

You have made the excellent decision of beginning a teaching qualification through the other avenues available to you.

Our Federal Government funding is to recruit candidates from non-teaching backgrounds. As such, all applicants to TFA must not be enrolled in or begin any teaching qualifications at the moment of application. If you have completed an Initial Teacher Education Program, and are eligible to register as a teacher, you are ineligible for the TFA program.

I have a Certificate IV, can I apply?

Yes, you can. While a CERT IV may be required of you in a number of teaching positions it does not make you ineligible for this program as you are not a qualified teacher.  However, as a minimum, we do require that you hold (at least) a university Bachelor’s degree.


Transcript Assessment & Teaching Areas

When do you assess my transcript and tell me my  Teaching Areas?

Following your successful completion of the selection process and on receipt of an official offer, we will assess your transcript to determine your Teaching Areas (the subjects that you will be eligible to teach as part of the program). Transcripts are assessed by Teach For Australia’s Recruitment Team, using the Victorian Institute of Teaching’s (VIT) Guidelines.

From here we will work with the VIT and our university partner to determine your Teaching Areas.

This process begins following your successful selection into the program. Until then, we recommend you take an educated guess as to what your major and minor Teaching Areas would be, based on your university transcripts. You can use this information from our website to assist you.


I do not have a major, am I eligible?

Unfortunately without a major in one of our Teaching Areas outlined here you do not qualify for our program.

However, whether or not you are sure of your Teaching Areas, or if you have a major, we encourage you to apply. The outcome will ultimately be determined when we conduct your preliminary transcript assessment, following which we will be in touch.

I completed my university degree overseas do I qualify?

Yes, absolutely!

If you have completed university in a country outside of Australia, New Zealand, the UK, the USA, Canada or Ireland, you will need to complete an English language competency test to be eligible. Please see the VIT’s requirements for more detail regarding these tests.

Please note that this requirement does not prevent you from applying. 

I have completed some units at university and some outside of university, can I still qualify for that area as a Teaching Area?

Yes and no. If you are able to achieve a statement of equivalence to indicate you have completed those units at a university standard (for a language other than English, for example), then there is provision to justify this area as a Teaching Area.

I completed my university degree many years ago and so I’m not sure I could teach in the Teaching Areas I qualify for. Do you support my learning?  

Yes. During our Initial Intensive you will be shown how to teach in your Teaching Areas, using a number of techniques. This includes sessions that focus on providing you with a better contextual understanding of the environment, pedagogical training and in-classroom assessment (in front of a real class). 

Information about the Initial Intensive will be made available once confirmed in mid-May. Details regarding this will be outlined thoroughly in the information pack provided to you if you are selected.  



First and foremost, placement (or working out which school you will teach in) is a collaborative process between you and Teach For Australia. It is important to remember that we partner with schools where we know teachers could have the most impact, working alongside other educators and community organisations. So the more flexible you are regarding placement, the easier it is to find you a suitable placement.

Restricted flexibility can make it increasingly difficult to find you a placement. Over half of our Associates in Cohort 2017 relocated to take part in the Program. However, we understand there are many circumstances, such as family obligations, responsibilities or you require access to specific services, that can be paramount in your decision making. Throughout the placement process, we work with you to ensure the placement is the right fit for yourself but more importantly the students and the school community in which you are placed for the two years. 

Please note Teach For Australia is obligated to find you only one placement, while we work hard alongside your needs to find you a suitable placement, please remember that travel of over an hour can be common. 

Currently TFA place in the following locations:

Victoria: Metro, Regional, Remote.

Australian Capital Territory: Metro.

Northern Territory:  Metro, Regional, Remote.

Western Australia: Metro, Regional (Kalgoorlie).

Tasmania: Metro, Regional

Please note that we do not list the schools we partner with as with true vacancies our placements change annually.
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