How does it work?

Outstanding individuals

We recruit outstanding individuals with academic expertise as well as a range of skills and experience to become ‘Associates’ who commit to teach in an educationally disadvantaged school for at least two years.

Initial Intensive

Your journey begins in October, with a 13-week Initial Intensive program comprising seven weeks online learning and an in-residence delivered in collaboration with our partner university. This will give you with a theoretical and practical foundation for teaching in a low-socioeconomic community.

By the end of the Initial Intensive you will have completed one quarter of a Master of Teaching (Secondary) degree.

The program is made up of lectures, thought-provoking dialogues, practical workshops, group and individual assessments and a two week teaching practicum, which will provide you with many of the skills that you’ll need to be successful in the classroom.

Exceptional teachers

After the Initial Intensive, you’ll begin teaching at a secondary school with full salary and benefits.

You’ll teach 80 per cent of a full-time load to allow time for ongoing study. Additionally, you’ll begin regular contact with your support team, including your in-school mentor, Teach For Australia teaching coach and university mentor as well as fellow Associates and Alumni.

This support team will guide you throughout the program to lead students to significant gains inside the classroom.

Inspirational leaders

The responsibility of leading students to increased educational outcomes cannot be overstated. Through our Leadership Development Program, you develop the knowledge, skills, relationships and qualifications necessary for making an impact.

After two intense, challenging and unbelievably rewarding years, you’ll have completed the Leadership Development Program, gaining a set of unique and highly sought skills of which few others can boast.

By the end of the program, you’ll have earned a nationally accredited Master of Teaching (Secondary) degree on scholarship.

Tori Simson

For many of you, this will mark the next step in your teaching career as you strive towards having even more impact on your students and continuing to master the art and science of being a transformational teacher.

For others, it’s the opportunity to launch an exciting new phase of your career, taking with you the invaluable skills and experience that you have obtained over the previous two years and moving into your next challenge.

Systemic change

Whatever path you choose, you’ll become part of a lifelong movement of leaders, working to see systemic change in education from positions of influence across all sectors of society.

Teach For Australia will continue to partner with you along your journey and help you make that important next step.

Our Alumni movement is designed to help you to achieve positions of influence across a variety of sectors and in a wide range of contexts in order to help orient you towards making lasting contributions to the Australian education system.
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Year after year, successive Alumni are moving into different areas and raising the profile of that conversation about education and how important it is to Australia’s future.

Edwina Dohle, Cohort 2010 Associate