Key Information

Support in the classroom

To help you integrate into life at school and within the local community, you’ll partner with a highly experienced mentor teacher. This in-school mentor will provide you with day-to-day support, observation and feedback, assist you with planning and assess your classroom delivery.

You will also be supported in professional and leadership development via rigorous and ongoing coaching grounded in Teach For Australia’s Leadership Development Framework. You’ll be guided to set and achieve ambitious student goals and outcomes that put your students on a new path.

Earning your Master of Teaching (Professional Practice)

By the end of the program, you will have earned a nationally accredited Master of Teaching (Professional Practice) degree from the Australian Catholic University on scholarship, all the while earning a full salary and benefits for the duration of the program. Learn more about our partnership with ACU.

Salary and benefits

Teach For Australia Associates are employed and paid by their relevant government department of education or school for the duration of the program. Your salary (and other employment conditions) will vary depending on the state or territory and the specific school sector that you’re placed in. Your salary, however, is comparable to other beginning teachers and will increase commensurate with experience.

The vast majority of program costs are covered by Teach For Australia on scholarship. As an Associate, you will be required to contribute a small portion of the overall cost of your qualification. You will have access FEE-HELP for these payments (provided that you meet the eligibility criteria).


Our first priority will be to place you where you can have the biggest impact on educational disadvantage. This may be in a metropolitan, regional or remote setting, so we encourage you to be flexible and open with your placement preferences. This will give you the best chance of being placed after you’ve been selected for the program.

Throughout the matching process, we’ll work with you to find the best fit for your skills and talents as well as meet your own geographic preferences and community aspirations.

At present, Teach For Australia places Associates in schools in the Australian Capital Territory, the Northern Territory, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia but our network is growing.

Tori Simson

What subjects can you teach?

You will teach in subject areas that directly relate to what you have studied through your degree(s) and in accordance with the subject requirements of your placement school. All Associates teach secondary school level classes ranging from Year 7 to 12. You can find further information on what you could be eligible to teach here.

Furthering your leadership

The Leadership Development Program is a 2-year commitment but your leadership journey continues through our Alumni movement . Whether you remain as a teacher, move into school leadership or utilise the skills you have gained to make a difference elsewhere, you will remain a part of a network of like-minded, passionate and ambitious leaders.

The Alumni movement will keep you connected and provide you opportunities to collaborate, share ideas, and support each other’s innovative initiatives. Working together, you can make an ongoing difference to Australia’s education system.

A global movement

Teach For Australia is part of the global Teach For All network of nearly 40 partner organisations, working to expand educational opportunity in their own country with a model similar to ours.

Over the course of your journey, various opportunities for you to contribute on an international level will come to light. Visit Teach For All’s website for more information on our global network partnerships.

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We’re not just signing on for two years, we’re really signing onto a network of like-minded people who really want to make an ongoing difference within education.

Michaela Epstein, Cohort 2012 Associate