10 things to do in the Top End

When I was told I would be heading to Darwin I really had no idea what was in store for me. When you are considering preferences and placements it is something you tend to think about as if you are going alone. But as part of Teach for Australia you are moving to a new location with a group of like-minded people about to embark on the journey with you. Moving to the Territory we all had to kiss our old lives behind and open our arms wide to embrace what the Territory has to offer.

The best way to describe what an NT placement is about is to simply say one word, adventure. Whether that be in the classroom or out in nature enjoying the finest weather.

The following is a list for Associates who are about to put down their location preferences, the Top End is a beautiful place waiting for the adventurous ones among you to come and explore!

Indigenous culture

There are festivals, music awards and Indigenous tours or jump on a ferry to visit Tiwi Islands.

National Parks

TFNT goes hiking

With some of the most incredible weather in Australia outdoors activities are a must! Hiking, biking, swimming and camping. The national parks are a perfect weekend escape.


This place is teaming with history, whether you are interested in the WWII stories or the tales of Cyclone Tracy. The local people are a wealth of knowledge for your inner history buff.

Markets and Festivals

Festivals in the Top End

There are markets on every week, go pick up your fresh fruit or vege or maybe a morning laksa? Then there are Mindil Markets in the dry season where it is mandatory to sit back on the beach and take in the sun setting over the calm waters. There are also a range of festivals: music festivals, food festivals, cultural festivals and we even found ourselves at a ukulele festival.

Eating out

Food in Darwin

The dining scene in Darwin is surprisingly good. We are working our way through eating at every restaurant in the city. Highlights include Pee Wee’s at the Point, Mr. Chow at the Waterfront and All you can eat Seafood in Cullen Bay. Our favourite feast has been Humpty Doo Hotel to indulge on the Territory’s delights: buffalo, barramundi and crocodile.


Sunset in Darwin

In Darwin the sun sets over the water. Every sunset is a picture perfect moment waiting for you to see.


Some of the best barramundi fishing in Australia is done in the Top End. Grab a rod and give it a go. This year the NT Government tagged a fish with a million dollar prize!

Road trips

Roadtripping with TFNT

Whether you are going to a National Park, visiting other associates in Katherine, Tenant Creek or Alice Springs, you are going to want to.

Territory Day

Alisha Fireworks in the top end

Ever wanted to let off a firework? Neither have I, until realising that on one day a year in NT it is legal to do so. Territory Day, come enjoy it!

Croc training

Humpty Doo Croc

Crocosauous cove, jumping crocs or Crocodylus Park… The Top End are crazy about the crocs! As a TFNT associate you are immediately thrown into croc-training, surviving in the classroom and in the wild.


Have you had any amazing experiences in the Top End that our Associates should hear about?

Have you been accepted into #Cohort2016? Are you hoping to join #TFNT next year?

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