How to apply

We’re looking for dedicated and ambitious leaders who hold high
standards for themselves, their teams and their students.

The selection process is rigorous to ensure candidates are appropriate for Teach To Lead.

Eligibility + selection criteria

Applications for Cohort 2018 are open to primary and secondary leaders across Australia.

For applicants in Victorian government schools, Teach To Lead is delivered in partnership with the Victorian Department of Education and Training.

The majority of coaching sessions will occur via video or telephone. Your coach will make at least one visit to your school.

Beyond the coaching, all other aspects of the program are consistent with the Victorian program. For the workshops, National Fellows are expected to fund travel to their nearest airport, and Teach To Lead will fund flights.


We welcome applications from teachers who:

  • Work in an Australian school serving a low socioeconomic community.
  • In 2018, will hold a leadership role or position of responsibility in which they:
    • Consistently lead a team of adults focused on improving teaching and learning and/or culture (e.g. through meetings that occur throughout the year).
    • Deliver professional development to teachers.
    • Are responsible for coaching (or will create the opportunity to coach) at least one teacher.
    • Lead feedback conversations with at least one teacher.
  • Have the support of their Principal or Assistant Principal. A senior leader at your school will be asked to complete an endorsement as part of the application process, confirming that the above criteria apply and that you have capacity to participate fully in the program.

We look for the following competencies during the selection process:

  • Commitment to breaking the cycle of disadvantage through education.
  • Desire to develop yourself and awareness of current strengths and areas for development.
  • Desire to achieve results and demonstrate impact.
  • Instructional skills and knowledge.
  • Ability to build successful relationships and influence others.
  • Data-driven decision making.
  • Understanding of leadership.
  • Resilience.

How to apply

The process has two stages:

  • Online application: Applicants are required to submit their CV and answer three short response questions.
  • Selection event: If you are successful at the application stage, you will be invited to a selection event. The selection event will involve several assessment activities, including one-on-one interviews and a role play scenario. If you’re successful, you will then be offered a place in the Teach To Lead program.

Submitting your application involves providing information about your current school-based role, uploading your CV and answering three questions about your experience.

If you are TFA alumni you will not be asked to complete the application form questions. Providing you meet the eligibility requirements and apply before the deadline, you are guaranteed a place at  Selection event.

These questions are:

  • What is your proudest accomplishment with a group of students?  (Max 300 words)
  • What is a leadership mistake you think you’ve made?  How did you know it was a mistake? Do you feel you gained anything from this situation? If so, what specificallyTry to use a recent example from the last 1-2 years; if you need to go back further, please indicate that. How did you know it was a mistake? What would you do differently now? What did you learn from that experience?  (Max 300 words)
  • Leading adults is different and typically more complex than leading or teaching children. Tell us about a time you had a concern about a team or group of adults. Describe the concern and what you did about it. What was the outcome? (Max 300 words)

Our program is competitive; only applicants who meet our assessment criteria in their application form will be invited to Selection event.

Please note the three short answer questions (in relation to your leadership experiences and achievements) are the most critical part of the application form. We recommend applicants spend time becoming familiar with the Teach To Lead competencies above and encourage them to make use of the full word limit. Where possible, applicants should evidence their impact. For example, in your answers use the STAR model (Explain the Situation, explain the Task, explain your Actions and the Results).

School endorsement

The application form will also ask for contact details of your current Principal or Assistant Principal. Once you submit your application, this person will be sent an email and asked to confirm your eligibility and capacity to participate. Prior to submitting your application, please contact this person to ensure they support your participation in Teach To Lead and are willing to complete this endorsement.

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