Program overview

Building a network of exceptional leaders.

School leaders matter.

Effective school leadership is increasingly viewed as key to large-scale education reform and to improved educational outcomes (OECD, 2007). No school is turned around without a high-performing leader.

Our system needs quality leaders.


Teach To Lead equips teachers with the skills to successfully navigate the challenging transition from classroom teacher to school leader.

It thereby creates a pipeline of leaders exclusively for schools serving low socioeconomic communities.

Early and middle leadership roles are critical. International research has concluded that addressing low performance within each school is central to tackling educational disadvantage.

Teacher leaders can play an important role in this agenda (IPPR, 2012).


Our program aims to support you to:

  • Be highly effective in your school leadership role, resulting in improved growth for students.
  • Build skills and experience that will make you a strong candidate for more senior school leadership roles.
  • Maximise a cohort learning experience, forming an ongoing peer network that supports your continued learning and progress.

Teach To Lead encompasses targeted workshops, the community of a peer cohort, and the personal support of a coach in order to develop leadership and management skills that drive student achievement.

Our first cohort of 16 Fellows commenced April 2016 and second cohort of 31 Fellows commenced January 2017. We currently partner with schools across Victoria, the Northern Territory, Tasmania, Western Australia, New South Wales and South Australia.

100% of Fellows believe that face-to-face sessions improved their performance as a leader

By the mid-point of the program, 75% of colleagues surveyed found that Fellows had improved their teaching practices and 70% found that working with Fellows had improved their leadership practices.


Throughout the two-year program, you will learn how to:

  • build a high-performing team, working towards a shared vision,
  • lead sustainable change,
  • communicate expectations and hold colleagues to account,
  • observe teachers and deliver quality feedback, to support practice improvement,
  • develop a strategic plan,
  • use data to drive goal-setting, planning and action,
  • coach individuals to develop,
  • design and deliver high-impact professional development for teachers,
  • lead challenging conversations,
  • boost self-awareness and
  • build personal resilience.

You will apply your learning on-the-job. The Teach To Lead Leadership Competency Framework ensures you master the specific skills and behaviours that are most likely to improve student outcomes.


“Teach To Lead has been a joy to take part in.  I’ve found the quality of the course to be world class, whether it be the presenters or coaches, or their materials and frameworks. 

The Leadership Competency Framework at the program core has been a particular highlight and has given me a much deeper understanding of what it takes to be a highly effective school leader, within myself and when working with others. 

And, it has been invigorating working with other participants who are so dedicated and passionate about education in Australia and throughout the world.”- 2016 Fellow

“I have loved the program and feel it has completely changed my approach to teaching and leading. It has connected me with incredible, like-minded people and I believe it has empowered me to actually implement the changes I want to see in my school and beyond”  – 2016 Fellow

Program components

Over the course of the program, participants will engage in a variety of activities aimed to enhance learning, establish networks and implement effective change related to the specific context of their own school.

The Teach To Lead program encompasses the following components:


Twelve days of highly interactive workshops are spread across the program’s first year. These sessions occur largely during school holidays and will give you an opportunity to build strong connections with the rest of your cohort. They also include time for personal reflection.

100% of participants who have attended our workshops in 2016 would recommend them to others in their role.

The first Teach To Lead sessions exceeded my expectations. Although I know I will have challenges this term and a large workload for the rest of the year, I feel much more equipped to be an effective leader.” – 2016 Fellow

Full program dates for the 2018 and 2019 cohort are available here.



The Impact Initiative ensures the skills and concepts you build through the program are put into practice – with measurable results. Each participant designs and implements a project with the aim of raising student achievement.

The Impact Initiative also sets goals for developing yourself and your team, in support of your overarching goals for students. You will receive regular feedback on your Impact Initiative from your coach and peers.

“How lucky I am to have the opportunity to hear from Science leaders who are facing the same issues and have worked really hard to solve them. We are saving years of work by sharing our Impact Initiatives.” – 2016 Fellow


Throughout the program, you will have a Leadership Coach who will support and guide you to set and achieve your goals. You will regularly meet with your Leadership Coach to discuss your Impact Initiative, your personal leadership development and general challenges and opportunities in your current leadership role.

 “Incredibly high quality face to face sessions as well as the ongoing coaching support has shown far greater changes in my behaviour than any other program I have been involved in.” – 2016 Fellow



By participating in Teach To Lead, you will join a network of high-performing leaders, who will challenge and inspire one another. These networks will be life-long.

Teach To Lead will foster continued connections and leadership opportunities beyond the two year program. Our aim is for you to continue to increase your impact on students throughout your career.

You will also be invited to further hone your leadership skills as an alumnus, through continued engagement with the Teach To Lead program. This could come in several ways, such as:

  • Facilitating learning sessions for future cohorts.
  • Acting as a coach for participants in future cohorts.
  • Participating in program evaluation activities.
  • Taking part in Teach To Lead promotional activities.

100% of respondents noted Teach To Lead has improved their leadership performance more than any other activity.


Schools are asked to make a contribution of $1500 excluding GST to total program costs, as well as fund some time release (up to 4 days total).

Release time will be used for face to face learning sessions, as well as coordinated school visits and opportunities for shadowing other leaders. Wherever possible, face-to-face learning sessions will be held during school holidays or on Saturdays.

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