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7 September 2017

Teach To Lead Fellows Discuss Motivations and Experiences

Two Teach To Lead Fellows shared their teaching and leadership experiences at a recent event.

On August 24, the Sidney Myer Fund and Gandel Philanthropy held a discussion at JBWere on the topic of investing in school leadership, showcasing Teach To Lead.

Teach For Australia’s Teach To Lead program was launched in 2015, and it is helping to develop a pipeline of leaders exclusively for schools serving low socioeconomic communities in Australia. The evening was an engaging opportunity for attendees to learn about the program’s impact through its inaugural year and hear directly from two Teach To Lead Fellows, Tom and Emma.

Tom is an Alumnus of the Leadership Development Program (Cohort 2014). This is his fourth year teaching and he currently teaches at Western Port Secondary College. He is the Year 8 Learning Level Leader at the school. Before teaching, he completed a Bachelor of Commerce (Economics)/Arts (Politics).

Emma has been a teacher for 5 years and is teaching at Melton Secondary College. She is Instructional Practice Leading Teacher at the college. She is passionate about serving those with educational and/or socioeconomic disadvantage, and advocating for the arts to empower critical thinking and positive community culture. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Victorian College of the Arts; University of Melbourne and post-graduate degree in Teaching from the University of Melbourne.

They addressed a series of questions – and you can watch them explain in their own words below.

Why was Teach To Lead attractive to you?

What have you gained from Teach To Lead?

Are there any issues with other teachers knowing you’ve done Teach To Lead?

What’s been the most valuable part of Teach To Lead that you’ve shared with others at your school?