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9 November 2017

Fiona: Where to from here?

Earlier this year, over one million people tuned in to Testing Teachers to witness the journey of six Teach For Australia Associates in their first years of teaching. As they prepare to complete the Leadership Development Program, we check in to find out how the experience has shaped their career and ask, “where to from here?”.

For Tennant Creek High School Teacher Fiona, being in Testing Teachers was a shared experience with her students that has brought them closer together.

“We’ve watched it in class (lots!) and talked about how we feel about it and how our school community was portrayed. It’s made us closer, having all been through this together.”

“Many students asked me about my comments on loving being in Tennant Creek and teaching them – being able to be open about how much I love being their teacher was quite beautiful.”

Of her first two years as a teacher, Fiona reflects, “I’m proud of the relationships I’ve built with my students. I’m proud that they know I am heavily invested in them as learners and individuals.”

“I’m also incredibly proud to be doing my job alongside the other staff here at Tennant Creek High School – they are a group of passionate and committed individuals who want the very best for our students.”

Fiona acknowledges the important relationship between school and the local community, and its impact on student outcomes.

“I think strengthening ties between the school and the local community needs to be continually developed in all contexts, but particularly in schools with large Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander populations.”

“This, with engaging, real-world, hands-on learning activities might assist in helping students recognise that formal education can be meaningful to them.”

“The combination of these two would make genuine and long-lasting improved educational outcomes for my students, and continue to be a focus at my school.”

In 2018, Fiona will continue her work as a full-time teacher at Tennant Creek High School.

“I’m looking forward to consolidating and strengthening my skills as a classroom teacher, thinking about strategies to develop numeracy skills in the middle years and how to make school a meaningful experience for students with low attendance and engagement.”

This article is part of a series related to the SBS documentary Testing Teachers. To find out more about Testing Teachers click here.