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12 December 2017

Using art to unite a community

An international art project brings students together to think about issues facing their school, and what they want to change.

Meet Jerome Holleman (Cohort 2013), leading teacher at Keysborough Secondary College in Victoria. 

Jerome Holleman has been running Inside Out at his school since 2013—an international art project that encourages people to have their picture taken and post it in support of an idea, sharing their experience.

Inside Out was started by street artist JR in 2011 to enable people to use art to change their communities. Since beginning the project, Keysborough College Year 9 students have come together to think about issues facing the school and what they want to change.

Challenging discrimination in the inaugural year, students posted huge portraits around their school in celebration of difference and diversity. In 2014, they explored body images, and in 2015 they raised awareness of the challenges faced by LGBTIQ people.

In the early stages, the project was crowdfunded on Pozible, raising over $1000. Various gifts were sent to donors as a token of appreciation and the students found it to be a great success (without a single act of vandalism!). The students were also awarded runner up in the best group action award by the VIC SRC in 2014 and have been featured in numerous newspapers and online publications.



This story was recently featured in our inaugural edition of STORIES, which shares the stories of our local and global Alumni and our Ambassadors, each of whom has made an outstanding contribution to our mission