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2018 Community Fund recipients announced

Thursday, December 20th, 2018

Teach For Australia is committed to building a community of inspired, connected and empowered leaders who act on their agency and continue to take actions to achieve educational equity. The TFA Community Fund (TFACF) is a funding program that provides financial grants to our community for projects and initiatives that aim to address educational disadvantage. Associates, Alumni and Teach To Lead Fellows were among the worthy recipients who received funding for projects with a central focus on improving educational outcomes in low socioeconomic schools and communities.

Head of Alumni & Community Engagement, Jun Zhang is excited by the projects and is looking forward to watching them unfold over the coming year. “I’m excited to see so many members of our community implementing initiatives within schools to strengthen their students’ learning experiences; and the cherry on top for me is seeing community members supporting each other to do this through the Community Fund.”

“It really highlights the diversity of the schools we work in and the myriad of ways that our community members contribute to their schools,” he added.

2018 Teach For Australia Community Fund recipients

Alexander Eastwood (Cohort 2018): Sustainability unit, teaching students the carbon cycle

“Sunbury students are not active in the field of conservation, this project gifts them first-hand experience, connecting them to their local area, its flora and fauna – it provides a tangible touchstone for the carbon cycle in their midst.”

Victoria Harrison (Cohort 2015): Accounting and finance school markets

“For the students of Butler College, learning about financial literacy through a structured program has been a new and eye opening experience in 2018, however I have identified a need to further build this course so its outcomes can reach more students at a deeper level.”

Reid Barry (Cohort 2018): Super Drones to the Rescue

“‘Super Drones to the Rescue’, plans to teach drone operation and aeronautical engineering skills to students. This project is important to my community as science and engineering subjects have suffered a lack of engagement.”

Elena Mujkic (Cohort 2014): Coastal trek and camp at Hinchinbrook Island National Park

“With this initiative, we hope to show that students from remote areas are not limited by their geography or resources, and can achieve and experience in spaces beyond their immediate environment.”

Damien Eeles (Cohort 2017): Greater engagement in STEM with robots

“Incorporation of robotics at my school will allow for greater engagement in maths and science. It is important for schools to provide opportunities for 21st century learners to collaborate, problem solve, communicate and use modern technology.”

Naomi Stockley (Cohort 2017): Differentiated languages program

“41% of Calwell High School enrolments are in the lowest quartile of socio-educational advantage, and 71% are the lower half. Learning a second language gives these students a much-needed opportunity to engage with the world beyond their immediate community in Tuggeranong.”

Michelle Turk (Cohort 2017, Teach To Lead): “I’ve got something to Say” Writing Project

“The “I’ve got something to Say” Writing Project will enable students at Bradshaw to work with a resident writer to explore, evaluate and write about their life experiences. Bradshaw students have never had the opportunity to work closely with a resident writer, with this grant, we will be able to offer a unique and innovative way for students with low literacy to collaborate with more capable writers.”

Katerina Newfield (Cohort 2018): After-school homework club

“Very few students at my school have access to a computer or the internet at home, or their homes are not conducive to study. A homework club would provide students with a small-group environment in which they could work with teachers outside the pressures of class time. It would also carry the added incentive of a nutritious dinner.”

The funds were raised by the Alumni Gala Committee with proceeds from the 2018 Alumni Gala. Teach For Australia provided assistance by supporting the Alumni Grants Committee with the distribution of the funds.

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