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11 September 2019

Teach For Australia launches new Immediate Impact Network

Teach For Australia is pleased to announce the launch of the Immediate Impact Network.

The Immediate Impact Network is Teach For Australia’s network for university students and career changers who are preparing for a career in creating positive change in Australia.

While you need at least a Bachelor’s Degree to apply for the Leadership Development Program, the Immediate Impact Network is a group of first, second and third year university students, as well as curious career changers who are interested in orienting their career towards social change and equity, including educational equity.

TFA has a range of opportunities for students like you to be a part of our vision, learn more about high-impact career opportunities and access a network of like-minded people to accelerate your personal and professional growth.

The Immediate Impact Network will help you gain an understanding about our Leadership Development Program, and where it could take you.

A key component of the Immediate Impact Network is the School Taster Experience which is now open for applications.

During the three-day School Taster Experience, you will challenge yourself to make a difference, and get an understanding of what it’s like to lead a classroom by working with teachers to share your skills and inspire students.

What’s more, you could finish this three-day experience with a pathway to join our Leadership Development Program in 2021.

You’ll be prepared for the challenge by attending interactive, skills-based workshops and you’ll have the support of your fellow participants, Teach For Australia Alumni, and the recruitment team. You’ll also travel to one of our partner schools in regional Victoria and experience what it’s like to live and work in one of our most exciting (and naturally beautiful) community environments.

The School Taster Experience is open to penultimate-year university students in Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory who have an interest in English, Maths or Science. Applications close on Sunday, October 6.

To learn more about the Immediate Impact Network, visit: https://teachforaustralia.org/join-tfa/ldp/immediate-impact-network/