19 November 2019

Stories From Our Community (Issue 5: Summer 2019)

In the fifth issue of the community magazine:

  • Twin students Grace and Claire reunite with their former teacher Lizzie Fitzgerald (Cohort 2012), seven years after their philosophy class in country town Victoria,
  • Alpha Cheng‘s (Cohort 2013) personal mission towards inclusivity and against extremism,
  • Community visions, hopes and aspirations for Australian education in 2030,
  • Learn how Duane Collinson (Cohort 2015) is leading the charge to get students in Warrnambool (VIC) skilled and job ready local work in a high-tech future,
  • Hear from six Alumni and Associates who went on a trip to Canberra to share their stories with Australia’s political leaders earlier this year,
  • Meet Emily Gaughwin (Cohort 2017) who is in Colorado pursuing her dreams of delivering truly inclusive education that embraces the great outdoors,
  • Hear about Stanley Wang‘s (Cohort 2012) new role as CEO of Teach For Taiwan,
  • Visit a music class in Perth,
  • … and more!