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Calculating your WAM (Weighted Average Mark)

The WAM provides an indication of overall academic performance in each course that a student has undertaken. It is calculated progressively as subject results are added. Teach For Australia uses the WAM as an indicator of trends based on past performance and to determine the eligibility requirements for enrolment into the Masters of Teaching program with our partner university.

To calculate your weighted average mark (WAM), Teach For Australia uses this formula:

Sum of (Mark x credit points for subjects)
Sum of (Total credit points for subjects)

For example: a student has completed three subjects. Two are worth 12.5 points and the third is worth 37.5. They attained 76%, 67% and 81% respectively. The resulting calculation would be:

(76×12.5)+(67×12.5)+(81×37.5) = 4825
12.5+12.5+37.5 = 62.5

The resulting WAM = 77.200%

The introduction of WAM in 2015 to replace GPA was implemented by many universities on final transcripts, but some have opted to do both. Some universities offer students results in a scaled format with a mark and the relevant grade along with the WAM and GPA.

If your transcript was issued prior to 2015, you can use this quick check to determine minimal eligibility requirements. The above formula is the most accurate. The eligibility requirements based on academic performance are as follows:

  • WAM of 65 or above
  • GPA of 5.75 and above on the 7 point scale and 3 and above on a 4 point scale
  • Scores of either D (distinction) or HD (high distinction) with no less than 8 C (Credits) over the whole degree, unless extenuating circumstances can be sighted
  • A WAM or GPA below the amounts above but with extenuating circumstances that you are willing to disclose on your application.