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Meet a Recruiter (VIC) in-person at Seven Seeds, Carlton
May 2022
01:00 - 02:00 PM
Seven Seeds
Don't miss this opportunity to meet TFA Recruitment Manager Coco Carter in person to learn more about the Leadership Development Program.

Come meet the VIC Recruitment Manager Coco Carter, who will be able to answer any questions that are on your mind about the Leadership Development Program.

There are no questions off-limits. We can talk about:

- What's it like to move regionally for the Leadership Development Program?

- How much money do I get during the Initial Intensive?

- Am I too old for the program? Am I too young?

- What is the structure of the Masters degree? And why is it more expensive than a CSP?

- Just how busy will I be? Do I get the school holidays?

- How you can submit the strongest application possible

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Unable to make it? Contact Coco at coco.carter@teachforaustralia.org with any questions or to arrange a time to speak with her seperately.

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