Application workshop: The “Resilience” competency

1 March 2019

Through the selection process, candidates are assessed against eight competencies based on evidence of effectiveness in the classroom. In this series, we explore how to best address each of these competencies in your application.

Are you willing to work hard to overcome obstacles? Do you relish a challenge and are driven to succeed? Then this is the program for you!

The Leadership Development Program pushes participants’ boundaries and tests resilience, problem solving, organisational and planning ability like no other.

Throughout the program, Associates work full time as a teacher with full salary and benefits, while also studying a postgraduate level degree.

By no means is the Leadership Development program meant to be easy. That is why we highly value candidates who can display examples of when they have shown resilience, throughout the application process.

If you can show us that you can work incredibly hard for the things that you care about – one of those being tackling educational disadvantage in Australia – then you are well on the way to be selected for our program.

A candidate who meets the benchmark in this competency can demonstrate that they are willing to work hard with fortitude and optimism to overcome obstacles. They relish a challenge, and they are driven to succeed.

Remember: we will extend an offer to anyone who can prove that they meet the benchmark for each of our eight competencies. Reach out to one of our Recruitment and Advocacy Managers to learn more about how to address them in your application based on your experience.

Best of luck with your application and possibly, the start of this life-changing journey!

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