What’s a Campus Brand Ambassador?

27 April 2018

Campus Brand Ambassador applications are now open! Campus Brand Ambassadors are university students who plan and run events, attend career fairs, and spread Teach For Australia’s mission on campus. Campus Brand Ambassadors develop the communication, organisation and leadership skills valued by graduate employers (us included!). View the role description for more information and apply here. Applications close 6 November, 2018. You can read more about the role below.

Campus Brand Ambassadors are current university students who support our mission by planning and running events, attending career fairs and information sessions and spreading Teach For Australia’s mission on campus in a variety of other ways.

Isabelle Nguyen is a Campus Brand Ambassador for Teach for Australia at Monash University. A current undergraduate student in Commerce and Arts, her hobbies include hunting for the perfect green tea cake recipe and knitting. (Current project? A purple sweater for her dog.) In this post, she shares her role at Teach For Australia.

I first heard about Teach For Australia when I saw the poster for the Leadership Development Program (LDP) on a noticeboard outside my Friday afternoon lecture. I remember spending the next two hours sitting in the lecture theatre excitedly reading up about Teach For Australia’s mission to break the cycle of education disadvantage and the stories of Monash Alumni-turned-exceptional-teachers Sasha and Kitty (who are the stars of the brilliant SBS documentary on TFA, ‘Testing Teachers’!). Needless to say, most of my lecture notes that day were about the LDP’s application deadlines, Teach For Australia’s values and mission, and how I could get involved.

So, almost a year later, when I saw the opportunity to become a Campus Brand Ambassador (CBA – one thing I’ve learnt in my short time at Teach For Australia is that we love acronyms!) for Monash University, I jumped at the chance.

As a CBA, my goal is to meet with students with exceptional leadership potential from all backgrounds and educational disciplines to share the opportunities of the Leadership Development Program. This includes organising and speaking in lectures about the LDP, attending career fairs and information sessions to speak with students, meeting with clubs and societies on campus to build partnerships or even spending a morning putting up posters around campus.

Through this role, I am constantly amazed by the passionate and likeminded people that I have the opportunity of working with. It is inspiring to know that everyone at Teach For Australia – the CBAs, the Alumni, Associates, and Fellows of our programs, our Recruitment Managers and the broader staff – have such a dedicated commitment to ensuring that all children, regardless of background, attain an excellent education.

I was especially reminded of this vision when I had the opportunity to observe a Year 11 Maths class that one of our 2018 Associates – Liam Swift – was teaching. Having only graduated high school three years ago, it was a little strange to be on the other side of the classroom for the day initially, but I left with a whole new appreciation of the unique set of challenges that our Associates take on.

Watching Liam juggle teaching course content, classroom management and answering the questions of multiple students (with some friendly banter thrown in for good measure) reminded me of the immediate impact that all of our Associates are having in the classroom. As a CBA, I am so grateful to know that my work, in meeting and encouraging exceptional students, contributes to this.

Our vision is of an Australia where all children, regardless of background, attain an excellent education. If you’re passionate about our mission, too, and see someone from Teach For Australia on campus, have a chat with them to learn how to get involved. Or, you can email the recruitment team at apply@teachforaustralia.org to get in touch.

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We work in regions and communities where Associates can have the most impact, which often leads to once-in-a-lifetime opportunties to live in a new, exciting, and diverse regions of Australia.