The Leadership Development Program is both challenging and unique. To be eligible for this Program, you must meet several criteria – based on our funding and impact model.

Program requirements

  • Candidates must be a citizen or Permanent Resident of Australia at the time of applying. New Zealand citizens must have Australian PR at the time of applying.
  • Candidates must have completed (or be in the final stage of completing) at least a Bachelor Degree in any discipline by the end of the year. If you are in your penultimate year of study, please get in touch with our Recruitment Team to discuss what the application process looks like for you.
  • Candidates must not already be enrolled in, or have a Degree in, Primary or Secondary Education.
  • Candidates must have already completed (or be on track to successfully complete) a major study in at least one of the currently open learning areas. Please see below for more information on learning area eligibility.

Enrolment eligibility

In order to make the change that is needed in our schools, we are committed to placing subject specialists in the classrooms that need them. However, placement depends on the school demand for those subjects that incoming Associates are qualified to teach.

What you are qualified to teach during the two-year program depends on your academic studies, and differs between placement jurisdictions. If you do receive an offer to the program, we will work with you to understand where you will be able to make the most impact. We will conduct a thorough transcript assessment, and then inform you of potential subject areas and where the best chance of placement may be.

On your application please include all the tertiary study you have completed, including units from overseas universities. Please also include your Weighted Average Mark (WAM). Learn how to calculate your WAM here.

You can determine your eligibility for the Leadership Development Program (LDP) by analysing your undergraduate university transcript(s) to understand if you qualify for a learning area and whether you meet our academic benchmarks:

  • To be eligible to enrol in the LDP, you must have a major study area, constituting of six units over a three year period, with no more than two of the units at first year level.
  • Your major must be listed in either Section 1 or 2 below.
  • If your major is listed in Section 2, you must also have at least a minor in ANY of the subjects listed in section 1 or 2 in addition to your major area.

Section 1

Learning area Details Status
Chemistry Can include some Engineering units Open
English Units studied must include at least a part in Literature Open
Languages other than English Chinese (Mandarin), French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Spanish and Japanese Open
Mathematics Can include some Engineering units Open
Music Units studied must include a practical component Open
Physics Can include some Engineering units Open
ICT & Digital Technology Can include some Engineering, Robotics and Coding units Open

Section 2

Learning area Details Status
Biology Open
Business Management Open
Drama Can include Theatre Studies Open
Earth Science Open
Economics Open
English as a Second Language TESOL Open
Environmental Science Closed – will reopen February 2020
Geography Open
Health Units studied must cover Human Development, Nutrition, Family and Health Closed – will reopen February 2020
History Open
Legal Studies Does not include Criminology Open
Media Can include Journalism and Communications units Open
Outdoor Education Open
Politics Open
Psychology Closed – will reopen February 2020
Physical Education To register to teach PE, you must have:
(1) units in Human Development, Nutrition or Health; (2) Current First Aid certificate (Emergency First Aid Level 2); (3) Current AusSwim Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety certificate; and (4) Proof of Skills acquisition: fundamental motor skills, ball handling, dance, games, fitness education, athletics, aquatics, sport education
Religious Education Closed – will reopen February 2020
Visual arts Units studied must include 25% practical units Open

Did you complete your study over ten years ago?

We encourage all levels of experience to apply for the LDP. However, to ensure we are placing subject specialists in our classrooms, if you completed your study prior to 2009, we will ask you to provide evidence that you have been active in your field of expertise within the last ten years.

Definition of terms

Learning area: Our university partner offers training and support in subject areas that are in demand for Associate teaching placements. Applicants determine the learning area(s) for which they are eligible by analysing their university transcript(s) to understand where a course of study at university aligns.

Major study: A total of three-quarters of a year of successful full-time university study (or part-time equivalent), usually comprising sequential discipline study taken over three years. In most Australian courses, this equates to six units, with two or more units at second year level, and no less than two at a third year level.

Minor study: A total of half a year of successful full-time university study (or part-time equivalent), usually comprising sequential discipline study taken over two years. In most Australian courses, this equates to four units, with no less than two at a second year level.

Part: A total of one-quarter of a year of successful full-time university study (or part-time equivalent). In most Australian courses, this equates to two units.