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22 March 2020

Looking for change and challenge as an engineer: Zach’s story

Zach (Cohort 2017) wasn’t convinced that his passion for science and engineering fit within the corporate world – so he became a maths, science and chemistry teacher in the Northern Territory instead:

“I studied a Bachelor of Environments and a Masters of Engineering at the University of Melbourne. After graduating, I worked for two years in the graduate program of a multinational engineering consulting firm in the environment team.

“I had toyed with the idea of teaching for quite a while, but I always thought it would be further down the track. Then I realised it was kind of now or never, and TFA is a great way to make the change without having to sacrifice earning an income to get qualified. I was also really ready for a change – to move cities and to try a new industry.

“Teaching is a much more exciting and active work environment than my previous work as an engineer. It requires a much more diverse skill set and is definitely more of an emotional roller coaster. I love working with people and the moments of chaos that come with teaching.

“The students are full of character and it’s great to reconnect with youth in a meaningful way. Although I had volunteered in various capacities with youth before joining the program, I love the fact that I can now have a longer-lasting impact on children as a teacher.

“I love that I can just tell people that I’m a teacher and don’t have to explain what that means. I like that even when it’s really hard, I know that it’s worth my time and effort because I am helping people to learn. The flexibility is great – teachers are in demand everywhere. Also the holidays are excellent.”

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