Leadership Development Program

Putting your best foot forward in your application

Wednesday, February 12th, 2020

If you’re reading this, you’re likely contemplating submitting an application with Teach For Australia for our Leadership Development Program. This marks the first step of what could be an incredibly exciting, challenging and rewarding journey for you and the students in your classroom.

The program is often described as a “highly selective”, and we’ve noticed that for this reason, many incredible candidates experience “self-selection bias” and don’t apply – even though their experiences may otherwise have made a strong application.

While entry into the Leadership Development Program is selective, you’re not actually in competition with anyone else. How you articulate and demonstrate your ideas, experiences and skills is what will decide your outcome. Anyone who meets the benchmarks against our 8 competencies will be extended an offer to participate.

To help you with your application, check out the tips below.

Read them through carefully and reference them as you work on your application. We recommend that you also get in touch with the Recruitment Manager in your state or territory by emailing apply@teachforaustralia.org and mentioning where you’re located.

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These are the first recruits in a partnership between SA’s Education Department and Teach For Australia, a not-for-profit group which supports schools to get teachers in hard-to-staff subjects and areas. Many of the recruits make a career change to join the program

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