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Teach For Australia launches new Virtual Experience

Thursday, August 27th, 2020

This month Teach For Australia launches the TFA Virtual Experience, allowing participants to gain insights into a ‘day in the life’ of a Teach For Australia teacher. If you’re interested in being part of our award-winning Leadership Development Program, then this is for you!

Every day, teachers are leading in classrooms, making real gains in students’ education while enacting positive change in their schools and communities. In the TFA Virtual Experience, participants can learn how to be effective leaders and change-makers – from the same experts that coach and train Teach For Australia’s teachers.

As it stands, not every child in Australia has access to the
education they deserve: children from the lowest income households are on
average three years behind in school. This gap is big, but more importantly,
changeable. Teach For Australia’s teachers work towards educational equity in
Australia, and they have genuine responsibility, autonomy and impact from day

To be successful, they need strong leadership skills in communication and relationship-building, as well as planning and organisation expertise and the ability to engage and motivate others. This experience focuses on these leadership skills that teachers use every day – in their classrooms, schools and communities – to translate their visions into reality.

“The TFA Virtual Experience gives you a flavour for the impact that you can have – in a classroom, in a school, and in the broader community,” says Jen Williams, Director of Recruitment and Admissions. The TFA Virtual Experience encompasses three separate Virtual Experiences exploring the following areas.

  • Classroom: Perfect your presentation skills – by improving your communication and influencing abilities and practising humility, respect and empathy.
  • School: Learn how to critically review your own performance and use data analysis and goal-setting to plan for success.
  • Community: Understand how to create lasting change, and learn how to work with your community and networks to create opportunities for others.

Participants can choose a Virtual Experience that interests them, or choose to complete all three. Each separate Virtual Experience takes approximately two hours, but participants are encouraged to complete them at their own pace.

Skills that participants can gain through the TFA Virtual Experience include communication and influencing ability, organisational and planning ability, problem-solving, self-evaluation and resilience.

This is recommended for anyone who might be interested in Teach For Australia’s Leadership Development Program, is curious about a career in teaching or is simply looking to improve and practice their leadership skills.

The TFA Virtual Experience is free and available to everyone. Register and begin today.

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