Information for schools

A professional development program aiming to bolster the skills of school leaders

The program provides participants with tools and support to maximise their impact on your students.

How does Teach To Lead benefit schools?

  • Teach To Lead participants work towards goals for their team and students that align with your school’s strategic priorities.
  • Participants receive tools and resources that can be shared across your school.
  • Participants learn to effectively coach other teachers, and drive a culture of improvement.
  • Participants are introduced to a network of other talented school leaders who share ideas and best practice.
  • Key program sessions are open to additional teachers from your school to attend.

Is my school eligible?

Teach To Lead works exclusively with primary and secondary schools serving low socioeconomic communities across Australia. Primarily, this is defined as schools having an ICSEA (Index of Community Socio-Educational Advantage) of below 1000.

In each state and territory, additional measures may be considered in order to determine eligibility, based on guidance from the relevant Department of Education.

If your school has a current ICSEA of 1000 or above, and you believe should be eligible, please contact us ( or call 03 8640 4500).

How are schools involved in the program?

To ensure that each school gets maximum value from Teach To Lead, senior school leaders are asked to:

  • Endorse each applicant during the selection process, confirming their suitability for the program.
  • Ensure each participant’s leadership role and key accountabilities are clear.
  • Provide feedback on each participant’s skills and performance.
  • Participate in activities to evaluate and continuously improve the Teach To Lead program.

What does it cost?

Schools are asked to make a contribution of $1500 excluding GST to total program costs, as well as fund some time release (up to 4 days total).

Release time will be used for face to face learning sessions, as well as coordinated school visits and opportunities for shadowing other leaders.  Wherever possible, face-to-face learning sessions will be held during school holidays or on Saturdays.