Leadership Development Program

The LDP as a career changer with a family

Wednesday, March 11th, 2020

On the Stories blog, Cohort 2018 Associate Stephen Damen shares a few tips and experiences he wishes he’d heard before starting the program.

At 46, Stephen decided to become a teacher. He had over twenty-five years of experience in business development, business management and professional photography, but started teaching Media at Mill Park Secondary College in Victoria a couple of years ago.

“I have an amazing wife, who runs her own business, and four fantastic kids, ranging from seventeen down to four years old,” Stephen writes. “I’m telling you all this because although I am by no means the only Teach For Australia Associate who is an older career changer with the responsibilities and restrictions of a family, I did not really have the opportunity of hearing from someone in my position before starting the program.”

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These are the first recruits in a partnership between SA’s Education Department and Teach For Australia, a not-for-profit group which supports schools to get teachers in hard-to-staff subjects and areas. Many of the recruits make a career change to join the program

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