Future Leaders Program

Empowering Regional Educators

A new one-year program for aspiring school leaders in regional and remote communities


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Research shows your postcode

Enter your postcode to find
out how your suburb ranks
when it comes to educational opportunities

In Australia, the postcode that you’re born in can radically impact your whole future.

ranks most advantanged when it comes to educational opportunities in Victoria.


A postcode shouldn’t define a child’s future. A great teacher can help make a difference - and so can you.

Our newest publication

Announcing Cohort 2020

Teach For Australia is pleased to announce that 134 new Associates have entered classrooms as teachers for the first time at the start of 2020, bringing the overall number of Associates placed through the Leadership Development Program to 951 since 2010.

What Can You Do?

We exist to change lives, but we cannot do it alone.
With the support of our partners and the tireless work of those in our communities, we are ever closer to an Australia where all children, regardless of background, attain an excellent education.