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Since 2009

How we’re making a difference

For over 10 years, Teach For Australia has offered development programs for teachers, school leaders and mentors who can give the students the knowledge, skills and confidence to pursue their potential.

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Why Teach For Australia?

We believe in equity in education – an Australia where your postcode does not determine your future potential, the opportunities available to you in life, or your ability to contribute to society.

Meet Christie

″One of the things I’m most proud of is when my students went up from a C-average to a B-average over a six-month period. For me, it was amazing, bringing students to working above standard, and going from saying ‘I don’t like Maths, I can’t do Maths’ to saying that it was their favourite subject and they’d like to pursue it post their secondary education.″

Christie Lees
Did you know?

By age 15, children from the lowest socioeconomic households are on average almost three years behind in school than children from the highest socioeconomic households.

Source: Australian Council for Educational Research (2013), Program for International Students Assessment 2012: How Australia measures up
Kids in a school yard

We’re breaking the cycle of educational inequity

As a collective force – of educators, advocates, entrepreneurs, policymakers and community members working together – we strive for the aspirations of students and families. We work together towards equity in education through two key levers that research shows impact student outcomes: teacher quality and leadership.

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Now more than ever, the work that our teachers do and the value they create – the spark within a child and the future for society – deserves our recognition, appreciation and support.
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Our teachers, known as Associates, bring subject area expertise, innovation and enthusiasm to classrooms, helping to drive improvements in student outcomes.

Teach For Australia acknowledges the traditional custodians of the lands across Australia and we pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging.