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We’re determined to give every child every chance to shine with an education that lets them pursue their potential. You can help make that possible.

Every child, every chance

Teach For Australia is determined to create a nation where every child has every chance to fulfil their potential.

Our vision is an Australia where education gives every child, regardless of background, greater choice for their future.

Research tells us that great teachers and leaders are critical to making that vision a reality, so we find, train, support and empower outstanding people to become the excellent educators and leaders future generations deserve.

We’re proud that since 2009 we’ve been able to support hundreds of schools and nearly half a million young people – but there’s still so much more to do.

We’re determined to reach and teach two million Australian students by 2030. And we need your help to get there.

Support and Donate

What’s the problem?

Educational inequity is a real challenge and an ongoing injustice in Australia.

Despite our prosperity, we have one of the most inequitable education systems in the developed world. A student’s socioeconomic status, postcode or background often dictates the type of education they are able to access.

While our education system is serving many young students well, it’s not serving all students equally.

Today in Australia, from our inner-city neighbourhoods to our regional, rural and remote towns, up to one in three children and young people in Australia are starting life without the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to build a life of their choosing.

Without a quality education, opportunities in life are diminished. These young people face a life of disadvantage instead of prosperity and opportunity.

And, without intervention, the gap in educational outcomes grows over time and is carried forward to the next generation, creating a cycle of disadvantage.

Donate today

Join us as we grow a community of leaders committed to helping every student be all they can be, and create a healthy, happy and prosperous future for all of us.

Teach For Australia is a registered charity in Australia and all donations over $2 are tax-deductible.

In addition to our online portal, we can accept direct deposits and bank transfers. We are also able to provide you with a payable invoice if requested. To discuss your donation, or find out more about opportunities to partner with us, contact our Philanthropy and Partnerships team:

How you make a difference

Your support helps us make a real difference to thousands of students across the country every day.It can help to deliver the education they deserve to unlock their potential, create a future of their choosing, and make a happier, healthier and more prosperous land for all of us.

Here are some of the ways we’re changing lives together.

More teachers in our most isolated regions

Australia’s regional, rural and remote communities can lack the infrastructure and resources available to their metropolitan peers; their schools often struggle to attract and retain teaching staff.

Our more isolated schools are typically more expensive to run and less equipped to offer a range of opportunities for their students.

In 2022, nearly 70 per cent of our Leadership Development Program placements are in schools serving regional, rural and remote areas. As enthusiastic and dedicated learners, our teachers strive to become part of their community.

Subject specialists in the classrooms that need them

Shortages of specialist teachers – especially those qualified in science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields – is a critical issue in Australian schools.

Our less-advantaged schools are often forced to choose between delivering classes with unqualified teachers or not offering them at all. And it’s their students who miss out.

We partner directly with schools in need to ensure they’re getting the right people and skills – so students get the education they deserve

Support for teachers and schools to thrive

Quality coaching and development is vital to helping early-career teachers become stronger educators faster.

We back our teachers and leaders with a unique support model, with dedicated specialists delivering guidance from inside and outside the classroom.

We also work with our partner schools to up-skill their people, with senior staff undertaking high-quality mentoring training which not only helps them support their TFA teachers, but other developing teachers in their schools.

Passionate leaders changing the system

We know it will take a sustained effort across many years to reshape our nation’s education system.

We energise and challenge our people to become agents of change against educational inequity; empowered to create long-term transformational reform and innovation in education.

We’ve established a pipeline of future leaders, with half of our teaching Alumni driving change in formal school leadership roles — not just as coordinators, curriculum designers and instructional coaches, but as school executives and principals.