Our vision is ambitious. It can’t be achieved by us alone. By working together with like-minded people and organisations we’re able to deliver for students, schools and communities.

Partnerships for Potential

As a non-profit charitable organisation, we partner with Federal, State and Territory governments, philanthropic and corporate organisations and individual donors to deliver our programs across the country.

The generosity of philanthropic organisations and individuals is integral to helping us deliver on our vision and mission.

Our supporters have helped propel Teach For Australia from an unproven idea to an established movement that’s a key part of the education system in this country.

And, as we continue to expand, innovate and invent — as well as confront an increasingly competitive marketplace – this support is more important than ever.

Why Philanthropy?

Through philanthropy, Teach For Australia has greater licence to navigate the future with agility, creativity and agency. We’re better positioned to think and plan for the longer-term.

This allows us to be bolder and more innovative, to test and learn new ideas and concepts, and to reflect on and refine our vision.

Investment and support from the private sector has particularly helped us explore new opportunities for our programming. Philanthropic partnerships have enabled a range of positive outcomes: from creating more targeted, localised work in schools, to developing tailored mentoring and training for our teachers and their schools, to expanding our program to new states and territories.

We know that complementing our government funding with private funding will ensure a stronger organisation. Maintaining diverse streams of support is crucial to giving us greater security and sustainability into the future.

Most importantly, we know that reaching our vision of educational equity will take a coalition of passionate and dedicated people from across all areas of our community, wielding collective power to grow and sustain our movement. Our philanthropic partners are more than their funding, support or advocacy ⏤ they are a critical part of what we do.

Philanthropy at Teach For Australia

Reaching Further with Greater Impact

Teach For Australia is about to embark on an exciting new era of growth.

Earlier this year, the Federal Government made an historic commitment to our work, enabling us to reach further and with more impact than ever before.

But, in order to best deliver on this opportunity, we need to complement government support with help from our community.

The funding received from the Federal Government primarily addresses the core costs for our flagship Leadership Development Program. There are vital parts of our work where additional investment will ensure we can have the impact we know is possible.

Philanthropy at Teach For Australia

Where We’re Going

For the first time, we’ve outlined our goals for the future through a long-term blueprint for success. Our 2030 Strategy sets the roadmap to ambitiously amplify our impact over the coming years and establish a bold new benchmark for the years beyond.

We are determined to reach and teach two million students by the end of this decade. We’re aiming to achieve this by further strengthening our programs, activating our community, creating new forms of impact and investing in our organisational capabilities to better pursue our mission.

Education is critical to the health, happiness and prosperity of our students. Future generations deserve Australia’s best and brightest to guide them. Together, we can make that happen.

Philanthropy at Teach For Australia

Be a Part of the Movement

Join us as we grow a community of leaders committed to helping every student be all they can be, and creating a healthy, happy and prosperous future for all.

Teach For Australia is a registered charity in Australia and all donations over $2 are tax-deductible.

In addition to our online portal, we can accept direct deposits and bank transfers. We are also able to provide you with a payable invoice if requested. To discuss your donation, or find out more about opportunities to partner with us, contact our Philanthropy and Partnerships team:

Gift Acceptance & Refusal Policy

Teach for Australia is grateful and accepts donations and sponsorships from individuals, businesses and other organisations that support our vision and mission.

The purpose of this policy is to enable transparent, considered, and consistent decision-making regarding the acceptance, refusal, and return of gifts, and to provide assurance to potential supporters of Teach For Australia’s professionalism and integrity.

Read the Gift Acceptance & Refusal Policy