Mission, vision and values

In Australia, the postcode you’re born in can radically impact your whole future. It shouldn’t.

Our vision

An Australia where education gives every child greater choice for their future.

In Australia, the postcode that you’re born in can radically impact your whole future – determining the type of education you can access. Too many young people are left behind: set up for lives of disadvantage instead of lives of opportunity. It’s not their choice; and it isn’t their fault.

Together, we can do something about it.

We believe in equity in education – an Australia where your postcode does not determine your future potential, the opportunities available to you in life, or your ability to contribute to society.

We see the strengths of the communities we work with – they demonstrate leadership and resilience each and every day.

Our goal is to learn from those already within these communities, and to work with and support them to better and more equitable outcomes.

Our mission

To grow a community of leaders committed to equity for children, by recruiting and developing exceptional people to teach and lead across Australia.

Teaching is leadership. A great teacher can have a huge impact in the classroom, within schools and in broader communities.

A classroom leader does not just deliver content well. They are also a role model and a mentor, they bring positivity and passion to their school each morning, and they are an invested member of their community. They are leaders who inspire and empower others. A great teacher changes lives.

A leader is someone who:

  • prepares purposefully;
  • engages others;
  • implements effectively;
  • engages professionally;
  • understands themselves;
  • understands change.

An effective teacher will exemplify these every day working with their students, inspiring them to achieve their full potential.

Quality teaching and school leadership are proven to have the most significant impact on the educational outcomes of children — but to truly realise our vision, we need leaders across all areas of society to work together to effect change, help break the cycle of educational disadvantage and empower all students with a quality education.

Our values

TFA exists to pursue equity in education for every child.

Our values keep us grounded in the things that matter most – they define who we are and how we operate. They are our filter for making decisions and working together as we advance our purpose and bring our strategy to life.

As an organisation, we:

SERVE THE STUDENTS – Everyone at TFA works in service of our vision for children and young people: an Australia where education gives every child greater choice for their future. Our partnerships – with teachers and leaders in schools and across communities, organisations and systems – is in service of making their future fairer and brighter.

HAVE HIGH EXPECTATIONS – Having high expectations – for ourselves, of others, and of what should be possible for students – is essential. The students we serve deserve no less. This does not mean setting unrealistic expectations that cannot be met, however this does mean having a sense of possibility and being motivated by a bold ambition.

MAKE IT HAPPEN – To best serve students and their futures, we know there is a lot of work to be done. Not all of it will be straightforward. We act with deliberate intent. ‘Hope is not a strategy’; we use data, creativity and the wisdom of experience to plan then execute. Our work is a marathon not a sprint, so we pace ourselves, working hard and smart.

GET THERE TOGETHER – We have a big vision and mission. We can’t – and won’t – achieve it on our own. Authentic, mutually reciprocal relationships come first. We know that relationships – with students, colleagues, the TFA community, and countless others involved in this work – underpin everything else. Through trusting relationships, we can harness the power of collaboration and foster a collective sense of belonging.

CELEBRATE ALONG THE WAY – We find joy and possibility in the big vision of what could be. We celebrate the strength and uniqueness of every student, and those who work in service of them. To sustain ourselves, we strive to laugh often and celebrate the small wins along the way. We believe in acknowledging contributions, recognising how far we have come by leveraging our strengths, and working with gratitude, humour and a bit of fun to keep us motivated for the journey ahead.