Our board

Meet our current board members.

Our board members

Headshot of Larry Kamener

Larry Kamener

  • Senior Adviser and former Senior Partner in the Boston Consulting Group
  • Founder and former leader of BCG’s Global Public Sector Practice
  • Founder and Chair of the Centre for Public Impact, a BCG Foundation
  • Chair of Save the Children Australia
  • Chair of the Strategic Advisory Council of the Bastow Institute of School Leadership
  • Board Member with the Melbourne Theatre Company

Melodie Potts Rosevear OAM

Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Board Member
  • Former Think Tank Coordinator of the Cape York Institute for Policy and Leadership
  • Former Consultant at the Boston Consulting Group
Headshot of Board Member Sarah Davies

Sarah Davies AM

Board Member
  • CEO, Alannah & Madeline Foundation
  • Former CEO of Philanthropy Australia
  • Former CEO at The Reach Foundation and The Australian Communities Foundation
  • Board Member of the Centre for Social Impact and Council Member of the National Museum of Australia
Headshot of Board Member Ben Jensen

Dr. Ben Jensen

Board Member
  • Founder of Learning First
  • Former Director School Education Program, Grattan Institute
  • Former OECD Analyst, Directorate for Education
  • Former member of groups including: Australian Government Teacher Education Ministerial Advisory Group; and OECD expert groups for Program of International Assessment (PISA) and Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS)
  • Former adviser to groups including: Aspen Institute’s Urban District Leadership Network; Victorian Minister’s Expert Advisory Group; NSW Education Statistics and Evaluation Advisory Committee; Independent Schools Queensland Leadership advisory group; Myer Foundation’s Education Committee
Headshot of Board Member Keita Matsumoto

Keita Matsumoto

Board Member
  • Leadership Development Program Alumnus (Cohort 2016)
  • Teach To Lead Alumnus (Cohort 2018)
  • Partnership Manager at Our Place | Colman Foundation
  • Board Director of Kindred Spirits Foundation

Past board members

Dorothy Hisgrove

Board Member 2018 – 2021

Paul Brasher

Board Member 2016 – 2020

Rufus Black

Board Member 2009 – 2017

John Denton AO

Founding Board Member 2009 – 2017

Julian Leeser

Board Member 2014 – 2016

Susan Boucher

Board Member 2010 – 2016

Carol Schwartz

Board Member 2015

Steven Schwartz AM

Board Member 2013 – 2019

Alan Tudge

Board Member 2009 – 2013

Anthony MacKay AM

Board Member 2009 – 2017

Peter Van Onselen

Board Member 2017

Alyce Bradford

Board Member 2017-2021

Christine Chrisitan

Board Member 2021-2022

Elana Rubin

Board Member 2019-2022