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Our vision is an Australia where education gives every child greater choice for their future.

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We’re proud that since 2009 we’ve recruited, developed, supported and empowered great teachers in hundreds of schools for over 370,000 children in communities experiencing disadvantage.

Some of our most frequently asked questions

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Are some subject areas more in demand than others?

Yes! Australia suffers from the greatest shortage of teachers in areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics—with maths and physics the most in-demand teaching subjects in schools. If you are qualified to teach a humanities subject, there is less demand. If you have humanities learning areas, we strongly recommend you speak to our Recruitment team about your regional flexibility and potentially upskilling (which is easier than you think!).


How are people selected?

We look for well-rounded and passionate individuals who have the qualities to create change, inside the classroom and beyond. We are looking for your ability to demonstrate the following eight competencies, which are based on evidence of effectiveness in the classroom: (1) Leadership and achievement, (2) Commitment to our vision and mission, (3) Communication and influencing ability, (4) Problem solving, (5) Organisational and planning ability, (6) Resilience, (7) Humility, respect and empathy, (8) Learning and self-evaluation.

Do you just teach secondary students, or is it primary school too?

We currently only place our Associates in secondary schools.

Is the selection process competitive?

The selection process is a diagnostic process not a competitive one. We use the activities to get an understanding of your current ability and skills. We then use the results to tailor your experience and coaching in the program. Therefore we encourage you to be honest and open in your responses.

On the application form you asked for a series of lesson plans, what must be included?

We are looking at what you think about when you plan your lessons.

We understand as you become more experienced, your physical plans become less detailed.

Please ensure the information you attach covers the goal of your lessons, the activities your students will participate in and any assessments you conduct during the lesson.

If you would like to discuss this further please email info@futureleadersprogram.org.au

I have a few questions about the role I’m interested in – what’s the best way to get in touch with you?

For all enquiries, please contact our jobs inbox at jobs@teachforaustralia.org  with your query. It’s monitored frequently, we will usually get back to you within 24 hours.