Our global network

Teach For All

We’re proud to be a member of Teach For All, a global network of 59 independent, locally led and funded partner organisations with a shared vision for expanded educational opportunity in their countries.

Each organisation recruits and develops diverse individuals from a range of academic disciplines to commit themselves to teaching for two years. They are placed in high need classrooms and work throughout their lives, both within and outside of education, in pursuit of expanded opportunity for children.

While each context is unique, similarities in the nature of educational inequity from place to place lead to shareable solutions.

As partner organisations and their Associates and Alumni learn from each other and innovate, Teach For All’s impact is accelerated at the national and global levels.

A world of expanding educational opportunity and decreasing disparities is a more prosperous, peaceful and sustainable world, where more children have the opportunity to fulfil their true potential.

The Teach For All network believes that leadership is the key to transforming education and ultimately children’s futures.

Across the network, Associates and Alumni are working together with their communities and colleagues and becoming leaders for change in classrooms, schools, neighbourhoods, education systems and countries.