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What’s the problem? (

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Teach To Lead (

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Teach To Lead overview (

Our Impact: Recruit (

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Our Impact: Partner (

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Our Impact: Improve Outcomes (

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Our Impact: System Innovation (

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References for images included on this website:

All images on the Teach For Australia website are of Associates, Alumni, Teach To Lead Fellows and their students or were taken at events hosted by Teach For Australia. Please note that this excludes photos associated with news stories.

Photos within the main website are from the following photo shoots:

  • 2012: photo shoot with Kim Louwrens (Cohort 2012) and her students at Katherine High School, NT.
  • 2012: photo shoot with Liam Wood (Cohort 2011) and his students at Koo Wee Rup Secondary College, Vic.
  • 2012: photo shoot at Glenroy College, Vic.
  • 2012: photo shoot with Melodie Potts Rosevear, Founder and CEO of Teach For Australia.
  • 2014: photo shoot Aaran Jaraba and Daniel Yacoub (both Cohort 2013) at Charles La Trobe P-12 College, Vic.
  • 2014: photo shoot with Ella Hewitt, Timea Stan, James Bayard and Cailtin Conway (all Cohort 2014) at Northern Bay P-12 College, Vic.
  • 2015: photos taken at TransformED (Teach For Australia’s annual conference).
  • 2015: photo shoot with Daniel Marnock and Remy Graham (both Cohort 2014) at Dimboola Memorial Secondary College, Vic.
  • 2015: photo shoot with Daniel Cavanagh (Cohort 2015) at Stawell Secondary College, Vic.
  • 2015: photos taken at Initial Intensive for Cohort 2016 at Deakin University’s Warrnambool campus.

Photos within the Pass It On site are from the above-listed photo shoots and:

  • 2015: photo shoot with Alumni profiled in the Pass It On recruitment marketing campaign.

Photos within the Teach To Lead pages are from the above-listed photo shoots and:

  • 2016: photos taken during Teach To Lead’s training sessions.