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Teach For Australia recruits top candidates with leadership potential to take action against educational inequity. Through our programs we support them to develop the required skills, knowledge and experience to become effective teachers and to mobilise others to bring about change.

We are dedicated to working in areas of need and partner exclusively with schools serving low socioeconomic communities, striving to build sustained partnerships. We are helping to break the cycle of educational disadvantage through two key levers that research shows impact student outcomes most: teacher quality and leadership.

What we offer

Our programs teach leadership as a set of skills and behaviours that enable someone to mobilise others to bring about change. An effective teacher will exemplify leadership every day working with their students, inspiring them to achieve their full potential.

Our involvement with Teach For Australia has been so successful because it is grounded in an improvement focus. Through supporting the Associates, my very talented staff have taken collaboration to the next level. Feedback and reflective practice is the norm and the students are the real winners.

—Trish Horner, Principal at Mill Park Secondary College, VIC.
Partner School since 2010.

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