Selection and placement

Teach For Australia has in place a highly rigorous
process based on a stringent set of criteria.


In recognition of research that indicates that the most powerful policy lever to improve educational outcomes of students is to improve the quality of teaching, Teach For Australia has in place a highly rigorous process based on a stringent set of criteria. (Hattie 2003) This process is designed to ensure each aspiring applicant has the qualities to succeed as an Associate.

Applicants must first complete an online application form. We review the form and if the applicant is successful at this stage, they are invited to participate in a phone interview. If the applicant is successful at the phone interview stage, they are then invited to attend a selection day.

Partner school principals support the selection day process. Each selection day comprises of the following elements:

  • One competency based interview.
  • A group based activity and debrief.
  • A sample teaching lesson and debrief.
  • A problem solving test.

Successful selection day candidates are extended a conditional offer to participate in the program. Following acceptance of an offer, a position as an Associate is contingent upon:

  • Confirmation of placement at one of our partner schools.
  • Completion of the relevant school and jurisdiction employment process.
  • Successfully gaining registration as a teacher within the relevant teacher registration body.



Throughout the selection process, we rigorously assess each aspiring applicant against the following competencies:

  • Leadership and achievement.
  • Humility, respect and empathy.
  • Communication and interaction.
  • Planning and organisation.
  • Problem solving.
  • Commitment to mission.
  • Learning and self-evaluation.
  • Resilience.

Only applicants who demonstrate proficiency within all competencies are extended an offer to participate in the program.

Ultimately, the selection process is designed to ensure that every successful applicant has the qualities to succeed as an Associate.

While the Associates come from a range of academic disciplines, each has:

  • The potential to not only be an exceptional teacher but also an inspirational leader.
  • The passion and capacity to help address educational disadvantage.



We commit to working with partner schools to ensure placements satisfy both schools and Associates.

Associates fill real school vacancies and commit to teaching in one of our partner schools for two years.

Associates are matched to partner schools based on their subject area, the curriculum needs of individual schools and the capacity of individual schools to support one or more Associates. They are qualified to teach Year 7 to Year 12 and in subject areas, which directly relate to their tertiary studies.

Teach For Australia, together with its partner schools aims to ensure that the support provided to each Associate is consistent and impactful, regardless of geographical location.

As a key support mechanism, we endeavour, where possible to place Associates in clusters – within the same school and/or schools that are nearby one another.

Generally, Associates are paid 0.8 of a graduate salary and employed to teach 80 per cent of a full time teaching load. This allows allocated time for ongoing training and development.

In the event that a match is not possible, partner schools are informed as soon as possible. This allows you to pursue other avenues to fill vacancies.