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How Hydro Tasmania is helping teachers with trauma

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Teach For Australia Thursday, June 4th, 2020

Teach For Australia was delighted to hear this week we have been awarded a grant from Hydro Tasmania’s 2020 Community Grants Program.

The grant will help Teach For Australia in the delivery of Berry Street trauma informed workshops for Associates and their Teaching Learning Advisors in Tasmania.

“We are very excited that Hydro Tasmania will help support the delivery of these workshops, and we greatly appreciate the generosity,” Teach For Australia’s Tasmanian State Manager Charlie Williams said.

“We know the skills gained through these workshops will have lasting impact on the participating teachers, allowing them to be better informed and equipped to work with vulnerable students with a trauma informed approach.

“The Berry Street Education Model has demonstrated improvements in student morale, teacher effectiveness, stimulating learning, student motivation, learning confidence, connectedness to peers, classroom behaviour and student safety.”

Hydro Tasmania CEO Steve Davy said the business is here to make life better for every Tasmanian.

“Our clean energy powers the economy and with projects like Battery of the Nation we’re building the state’s future prosperity, but we also want to make direct contributions to the community that will really make an immediate difference,” Mr Davy said.

“Hydro Tasmania is proud to support the people who support their fellow Tasmanians.”

Learn more about Hydro Tasmania’s latest Community Grants here.

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