Learning area eligibility

As part of our eligibility criteria, you must be able to enroll in at least two* learning areas.


All candidates must be eligible for at least two* learning areas, and you must have a major in at least one learning area.

Eligibility is determined by your prior academic study. All candidates must also have achieved a WAM of 65 or higher (or equivalent) in their undergraduate study. Only units you have passed count toward meeting these requirements.

Did you complete your study prior to 2010? We require that you provide evidence of having been active in your field of expertise within the last ten years.

Learning Areas

If you have any questions about your eligibility, please contact us at apply@teachforaustralia.org.


  • Major: A total of ¾ of a year of full-time university study (or part-time equivalent). In most Australian courses, this equates to six units. You must also have two or more units at second-year level and at least two at a third-year level.
  • Minor: A half-year of full-time university study (or part-time equivalent). In most Australian courses, this equates to four units. You must have at least two units at a second-year level.
  • Part: One-quarter of full-time university study (or part-time equivalent). In most Australian courses, this equates to two units.


Learning Area Requirements
Biology* Major or Minor study in Biology.  Includes genetics, human biology, microbiology, botany, and zoology.
Business Management Major or Minor study in Business Management
Chemistry* Major in Minor in Chemistry. Includes biochemistry.
Drama Major or Minor in Drama, Performance Studies (Drama) or Theatre Studies (including practical Drama).
Earth Science Major or Minor in Earth Science. Includes geology.
Economics Major or Minor in Economics
English Literature* Major or Minor in English (Literature or Literary Studies) OR Major or Minor in Writing, English Language, or Linguistics with a part in English (Literature)
Environmental Science Major or Minor in Environmental Science. Includes areas such as: environmental science, environmental engineering, natural resource management, environmental management, biological sciences, chemistry, geography, and earth science.
Geography Major or Minor in Geography
Health Major or Minor study with subjects covering:

·   Health

·   Human Development

·   Family and Health

·   Nutrition

History Major or Minor study in History. Does not include Art History.
ICT & Digital Technology* Major or Minor in Information Technology. Can include some units in Engineering, Robotics, and Coding.
Languages other than English* Major in the language. We currently are able to place the following languages: Chinese (Mandarin), French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Spanish and Japanese. Native speakers of the language may seek a statement of equivalence from an Australian university.
Legal Studies Major or Minor in Legal Studies. Does not include criminology.
Maths* Major or Minor study in Mathematics
Media Major or Minor study in Media Studies. Can include Journalism and Communications units.
Music* Major study in Music which includes Practical Music
Outdoor Education Major in Outdoor Education (including environmental studies and outdoor recreational activities). A current first aid certificate is required.
Physical Education Major study in Physical Education. Units must include:

·   Human Development, Nutrition, and Health

·   Current First Aid certificate

·   Current AusSwim Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety Certificate

·   Proof of Skills acquisition: fundamental motor skills, ball handling, dance, games, fitness education, athletics, aquatics, sport education

Physics* Major or Minor in Physics; includes electronics
Politics Major or Minor study in Politics
Psychology Major or Minor study in Psychology
TESOL Major or Minor in EITHER Linguistics OR second language OR appropriate TESOL Studies
Visual Arts Major in relevant area(s) of Art which includes at least 25% practical Art units.


*For subjects marked with an asterisk, you only need one learning area.