Our Mission

As it stands, not every child in Australia has access to the education they deserve: children from the lowest income households are on average three years behind in school. Teach For Australia seeks to break the cycle of educational inequity, to level the playing field for young people across Australia by recruiting and developing leaders in education.

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Tackling educational inequity, together

We recruit Australia’s future leaders into the classroom and inspire, connect and empower them to a lifetime of action towards educational equity.

Our teachers, known as Associates, and program Alumni make up a passionate community that is dedicated to the idea that every child has a right to an excellent education. Partnering exclusively with schools serving low socioeconomic communities, we work in the regions and communities that need the most support.

As a collective force – as educators, advocates, entrepreneurs, policymakers and community members working together – we strive for the aspirations of students and families. We work together towards equity in education through two key levers that research shows impact student outcomes: teacher quality and leadership.

Now in our eleventh year, we have placed over 950 Associates into more than 200 schools, ultimately helping to change the lives of 250,000 students

Your role in our mission

We take a different approach to making a difference. If you are inspired to make a lasting impact from day one, then Teach For Australia is for you.

Many of us can remember a teacher who changed our lives. Great teachers inspire us to love learning, to strive for our own aspirations and to become conscious citizens of the world. We want you to become that spark for students in Australia. As a teacher and leader through Teach For Australia, you can make a difference for young people from the very outset of the program.

Your role in our mission towards educational equity starts with a two-year teaching placement at a school serving a low socioeconomic community, where you’ll teach in areas directly related to your previous studies.

As a teacher and leader in the classroom, you’ll share your passions with young people and act as a role model and mentor. You’ll develop the skills and experience to enable you to lead effectively, with the opportunity to make a tangible positive impact on students, schools and communities – every single day.

Following the program, whether you continue teaching or aspire to a career in business, policy, innovation or elsewhere, Teach For Australia will continue to inspire, connect and empower you to lead change. As leaders, Alumni of our program choose to make a difference in many ways, whether that’s remaining in the classroom as outstanding educators, leading schools, innovating education for the modern world, influencing education policy, becoming changemakers in their communities or simply contributing in myriad ways to the Teach For Australia community.

Where we make our difference

We partner exclusively with schools serving low socioeconomic communities, working in regions and communities that need the most support.

We currently place Associates in secondary schools in Victoria, Western Australia, Tasmania and the Northern Territory. 

Working in close collaboration with fellow Associates, teachers, school leaders and the community, participants are generally placed in a cluster within the same school and schools nearby, increasing the opportunity for impact within the communities we operate in.