Tasmania is our newest placement location, where 53 Associates have been placed since 2017. This year, 20 Associates were placed in Tasmania, teaching across 11 schools – all in regional areas.

Life is great, the people are great and the food is great! With everything in Tasmania being accessible as a weekend trip, there is always something new to do outside of work. There are plenty of markets, beaches, museums and walking tracks to check out. Specifically in Northern Tasmania, road trips are a fantastic pastime, especially when you add in a little bit of camping!
– Joanne Andriopoulos (Cohort 2017), Placed at Port Dalrymple School

As the most recent addition as a placement state, Tasmania offers a new and exciting opportunity for Associates to move down south to teach and experience a completely different adventure.

Associates can explore the famous rugged mountains, beaches and walking tracks that Tasmania has on offer. There are also great communities right across Tasmania, from the people you work with through to local sporting clubs.

Regional Tasmania

Nothing is far too far in Tasmania, where you can live in a town that is just an hour away form both Launceston in the north and Hobart in the south.

Most Associates placed in Tasmania live in small towns on the north coast. The communities are close and supportive, the sort of place where if you have a broken oven, just pop over to use the neighbour’s. Associates have found everyone is always thankful and willing to lend a hand, and almost always up for a chat.

Avid footy fans in particular will get a kick (excuse the pun) out of Tassie, where football is an important interest in some circles.

I spend my mornings before work riding my bike around the lake, beside paddocks or through the heritage township. I often treat myself to weekend pancakes at the pancake shop, or grab a morning coffee from the bakery before school. I attend bootcamp twice a week, which is a great place to get to know community members and make friends.
– Charlotte Roberts-Clarke (Cohort 2017), Placed at Oatlands District High School