Western Australia

Teach For Australia Associates have been teaching in Western Australia since 2015. This year, 36 Associates were placed in the state and to date, 194 Associates have been placed in Western Australia across metropolitan, regional and rural regions.

Western Australia is a diverse state with a lot to offer those moving interstate – whether for day trips, weekends away or afternoons in the sunshine after work.

Placements in Western Australia continue to grow each year, and there’s a real sense of community among Associates and Alumni. We  place in metropolitan Perth, with all its beaches and the benefits of living in a big city, in Kalgoorlie, which is a vibrant and thriving remote community, as well as regional areas. The beautiful scenery and warm weather offer the perfect combination for exploring the state.

Metropolitan Perth

Perth is a fun and exciting city to live in. Associates in Perth are passionate for school change and have fostered a strong sense of community in their schools.

Perth is renowned for its stunning beaches and there is a wide range of places to stay cool in the hot weather. The nightlife is fantastic and Associates placed in Perth often enjoy the trendy bars in Northbridge.

I love teaching in Kalgoorlie because everything I do is part of the school: the school and the community are so intertwined. I don’t think I would ever move back to a city after my experience here because in a community like this, everything I do is contributing to the community.
– Patrick Elliot (Cohort 2016) was placed at Eastern Goldfields College in Kalgoorlie


Regional and Remote Western Australia

This year, 12 Associates were placed in regional Western Australia, and 6 Associates have moved to remote regions.

Kalgoorlie is a remote town—and proudly Western Australian. Many Associates get involved in the local sporting clubs and enjoy the quick commute to and from games. There are also many great places to go camping and beaches to visit on the weekends around Kalgoorlie.

Due to its location, placement in Kalgoorlie requires access to a car, however there are buses and train networks available. A supportive network living in Kalgoorlie is happy to help Associates adjust to the new environment.