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Kyla inspired to break down education barriers

Thursday, February 22nd, 2024

Living in rural Western Australia as a child, Kyla Bokelund quickly realised the disparities in education, especially as an Indigenous student – and it has motivated her to pursue a career in teaching through Teach For Australia.

With a Bachelor of Science (Psychology) from the University of Melbourne, Kyla has started teaching psychology and sciences at Elevation Secondary College in Craigieburn, Victoria, as part of the 2024 Cohort of our Leadership Development Program.

She’s on a mission to empower students and foster a love for learning in her classroom.

“I was born in Melbourne and moved to rural WA when I was in primary school. In this new environment, I realised, throughout my schooling and education, that students were not being treated equally and some must try a lot harder to get where they want to be in life,” she said.

“My firsthand experiences of facing barriers in education, including racism, lack of resources, and low expectations, have equipped me with a unique understanding of the challenges that students, especially First Nations young people, may encounter.”

The TFA pathway

Our program participants – known as Associates – work in schools teaching subjects directly related to their previous studies while they undertake a Master of Teaching (Secondary) (Leading Learning) with our academic partner Australian Catholic University (ACU).

During the two-year program, Associates receive one-on-one coaching and mentoring and earn a full salary – approximately $62,000-$65,000 base salary, depending on the placement location.

Kyla said she saw Teach For Australia’s program as an opportunity to combine her passion for education with her commitment to social justice and equity – with “invaluable” support and mentorship.

“The program offers ongoing training, professional development, and mentorship from experienced educators, which has been extremely beneficial in enhancing my teaching skills and confidence in the classroom,” she said.

“My mentors have provided guidance, feedback, and encouragement, helping me navigate the challenges of teaching in disadvantaged communities and empowering me to make a positive impact on my students’ lives.”

Valuable insights

Passionate graduates – like Kyla – bring specialist knowledge and valuable perspectives to classrooms across Australia through our Leadership Development Program.

“My background in psychology provides me with valuable insights into cognitive, emotional, and social development,” Kyla said.

“Understanding the individual needs and learning styles of my students allows me to create inclusive and supportive learning environments where all students can thrive.”

  • Graduates, start your next adventure in an amazing community by joining our Leadership Development Program after finishing uni.
  • Get paid while you study – the employment-based pathway means you’ll earn a full salary while undertaking your Master of Teaching over two years.
  • Make a difference for students in the classroom while kickstarting a career with purpose.
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