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Latest DESE evaluation reports welcomed by Teach For Australia

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Wednesday, March 9th, 2022
Teach For Australia

Teach For Australia (TFA) welcomes the latest independent evaluations of our Leadership Development Program and Future Leaders Program. These interim reports recognise and evaluate how Teach For Australia’s programs are helping to attract, train and develop high-quality teachers and school leaders who are working in communities across the country where needs are greatest.

The High Achieving Teachers program Interim Report indicates TFA’s Leadership Development Program is an effective employment-based pathway bringing high-quality people into teaching careers.

The Future Leaders Program Interim Report indicates TFA’s newest pilot program is a well-designed, quality model that is delivering relevant, best evidence course content for rural and remote educators who aspire to leadership positions in their school communities.

“2020 and 2021 were incredibly challenging years for everyone working in education, from starting-out teachers right through to principals, and we are exceptionally proud of our program participants and partner schools for their resilience and dedication when faced with challenges beyond their control,” Teach For Australia CEO Melodie Potts Rosevear said

“Teach For Australia’s vision is for education to give all students, regardless of background, greater choice for their future, and our programs focus on teacher quality and school leadership because these are two key levers that can positively impact students’ outcomes.

“Together with our tertiary partner, Australian Catholic University, and our coaching and education partners, Teach For Australia is committed to delivering the highest quality training programs.

“Evaluation activities are key to helping TFA continue to fine-tune and improve our support for Australia’s teaching workforce, and we look forward to continuing the evaluation work with dandolopartners and DESE for the completion of final reports.

“We are proud to be partnering with more than 250 schools around Australia, primarily in regional, rural and remote communities where teacher supply and school leadership pipeline challenges are acute.

“Teach For Australia has worked in partnership with the Commonwealth since 2009, and we are grateful for the opportunity to support more quality teachers to enter the profession, in service of the students around the country.

“Teach For Australia’s programs complement other ITE and professional development pathways. We help bring more subject specialists to the classroom who would not otherwise have considered the career and we support regional, rural and remote schools with workforce supply and development needs.

“Teach For Australia also recognise that our program work would not be possible without support from state and territory jurisdictions and generous philanthropic and community supporters.”

High Achieving Teachers Program Interim Report highlights:

  • TFA’s Leadership Development Program is an effective employment-based pathway that is producing highly effective teachers and satisfying the needs of TFA partner schools.
  • From an innovative new program in 2009 ago, the Interim Report highlights state and territory partner jurisdictions and schools now consider TFA’s Leadership Development Program to be a well-established “tried and tested” pathway that brings high-performing and enthusiastic and dedicated teachers to their classrooms.
  • The Interim Report noted survey responses that school principals value TFA teachers for their classroom contributions and also for their positive impact on broader school culture; that 88% of schools would hire LDP teachers again; and that principals are highly likely to recommend hiring LDP teachers to colleagues.
  • TFA’s multi-stage recruitment process is recognised as rigorous and effective in selecting high-performing people.
  • Despite challenging years in 2020 and 2021, completions of the LDP continue to track higher than average completion rates for undergraduate and postgraduate ITE courses.

Future Leaders Program (FLP) Interim Report highlights:

  • The Interim Report confirms the new pilot program aligns to the Australian Government’s school leadership objectives and priorities
  • The Interim Report indicates the program is a well-designed, quality model that is delivering relevant, best evidence course content for rural and remote educators who aspire to leadership positions in their school communities.
  • The FLP completed its first pilot year in 2021, and the Interim Report noted it was a quality, evidence-based delivery model that proved resilient and responsive in what was another challenging year for educators.
  • COVID-19 restrictions required some alterations to the course delivery, but the Interim Report recognised the Future Leaders Program developed an innovative pedagogy that was relevant to participants.
  • The Interim Report noted survey responses indicating 94% of participants agreed the FLP coaching was helpful and 86% said the program was shifting their thinking about education leadership.

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