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Rokt partners with Teach for Australia to break the cycle of disadvantage in education

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Wednesday, February 15th, 2023
Rokt partners with Teach for Australia to break the cycle of disadvantage in education

MEDIA RELEASE, Sydney, February 15th 2023: Rokt, a global ecommerce technology company, and Teach for Australia, a non-profit organisation working to address education inequality in Australia, are partnering to support our best and brightest graduates to teach in schools where the need is greatest.

The partnership will include on-campus attraction and recruitment events in 2023, and a pilot project that will encourage students to apply for both TFA and Rokt graduate programs.

On the partnership, Bruce Buchanan, CEO of Rokt said: “We all win when everyone has an equal opportunity to unleash their full potential. To make this a reality we need to ensure equity in education. This partnership is about supporting our best and brightest to become teachers in our most disadvantaged schools and to light the fire within thousands of children. A good education can change anyone. A good teacher can change everything!”.

“This partnership will be a win for Rokt – attracting great talent that is critical to our long-term success – and is a great example of how thinking outside the box can create an impactful partnership”

Teach For Australia CEO Melodie Potts Rosevear said: “Passionate and talented educators play a vital role in making Australia a leader in any field but teacher shortages – especially for STEM – are real.”

“At Teach For Australia, we believe collective effort is necessary as we work for educational equity for students. We know everyone can play a part in helping get more passionate and talented teachers into classrooms where they can share their knowledge as they educate and inspire the next generation.”

The combined recruitment project will launch as a pilot this year, with Teach For Australia placements to take place in NSW schools from 2024, before potential expansion nationwide.

Since 2010, more than 1200 people have completed Teach For Australia’s Leadership Development Program, teaching across 300 partner schools in regional, rural and low SES metropolitan communities. Independent evaluations confirm the program is bringing high-performing, enthusiastic and dedicated people to the classroom.

During 2022, Rokt joined Pledge 1%, a global movement to educate, and empower companies to make a positive social impact by donating 1% of their time, product, equity or profit to charitable initiatives of their choice. This is part of a more broad ambition for Rokt to be a Force for Good, and continue working towards unleashing potential to make the world simpler and fairer.

Rokt also plans to hire 200 roles across its RPD teams in Sydney and New York offices and has plans to open a second North American product development centre on the West Coast in 2023, as many other ecommerce technology companies are announcing significant layoffs.

Teach for Australia and Rokt will be attending the Australian National University Careers Fair on 23rd February and University of Sydney Autumn Graduate Jobs and Internships Fair on 2nd March 2023 to encourage candidates to find out more about the initiative and to answer any questions about the programme.

To learn more about the partnership go to: rokt.com/teach-for-australia

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