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Teach For Australia Friday, March 19th, 2021

Over two years, Associates in our award-winning Leadership Development Program teach in subject areas directly related to their previous studies. As leaders in the classroom, they share their passions with young people and act as role models and mentors. They develop the skills and experience to enable them to lead effectively, with the opportunity to make a tangible positive impact on students, schools and communities – every single day.

With the first recruitment round for Cohort 2022 of the Leadership Development Program underway, we asked our 2021 Associates what makes a great leader.

“A great leader is someone who aims to create a space for everyone, allowing all members to cooperate and collaborate.” – Rayanne

“It’s someone personable. A great leader to me is someone I can look up to but who is also approachable. I think great leadership looks like relatability, authenticity and passion.” – Eliza

“Great leadership means humility. It means not being afraid to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty. It means making mistakes and picking yourself up with a smile.” – Amna 

“A great leader listens. A leader has to be willing to take on what other people say to know what is important to those they’re leading. Being a leader isn’t about you at all. It’s about how you can help everybody in your team, in your school, in your class, achieve in the best way possible.” – Ceilidh

“A great leader sacrifices the most, carries and uplifts those who are timid, and inspires and empowers people to live fuller, brighter lives.” – Pola

“I always think of my mother when I think of a great leader. They can listen to people and understand where they’re coming from, but can also make the best decision that will help to guide the group as well as possible.” – Emily

“A great leader is someone who makes you feel passionate and motivated about what you’re doing.” – Joel

“Someone compassionate and authentic – you see them speaking from experience, and it doesn’t feel contrived. That is really motivating to see.” – Hope

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